Tire Table Review: Epic Table or Rip Off? [2020] + Guide

Whether the weather is hot or cold, it’s an awesome day to go outside. The bird-chirping calls for a bike ride, and the cold breeze and open-air lets you go on a date with Earth.

All is well and smooth until you have to install that table and take most of your energy and time. Or just the inconvenience you have to put up with setting up and putting away a big and heavy table. Plus, the struggle of looking an even ground to set up, ruins the supposed relaxing fun day experience.

Good thing, TailGater came up with the tire table you’ve been dreaming of. The Original Standard Steel Tire Table is a portable, collapsible, and durable, giving you a top-notch quality with maximum convenience.

If you are intrigued by the tire table that has been a talk of the town lately, we understand. We know how intriguing this tire table by TailGater is. Our TailGater Tire Table product review will help you be enlightened about why this product has been in the spotlight and why you need to buy it.

The Original Standard Steel Tire Table: Your Complete Guide

Tire Table Vehicle Tire-Mounted Camping, Travel, Tailgating and Outdoor Work Table

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Let’s have a little back story on how this innovative and intelligently created tire table came into existence. One day on a local ski resort, our dear TailGater inventor set up a small table on an unstable and uneven snow ground. That simple moment, the best idea came in, “what if the table was not supported on the ground at all, but supported by the tire.”

Uneven grounds are our worst enemy when it comes to setting up a table during outdoor adventures. With that in mind, this durable steel travel table uses a vehicle’s tire as its main support, providing a stable platform regardless of ground conditions.

You might think that we are too stoked about this product and just saying all the good stuff. But that is what the tire table is—the good stuff you need to have. Continue reading to be enlightened.


  • Unfolded Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 1.5 inches
  • Folded Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 3 inches
  • Tabletop Material(s): Steel mesh
  • Frame Construction: Powder-coated steel
  • Weight Capacity: holds up to 50 lbs.
  • Product Weight: less than 12 lbs.
  • Fits most tires sizes 14” and up

A great company’s backbone is the quality of the products they present. Some brands were famous not for the product, but only because their brand name is appealing and persuasive, but their products say the opposite.

With the Tailgater Tire Table, products are exactly what they claim and even better. It is designed with your needs and convenience in mind. If you camp, travel, tailgate, or just work out your vehicle, you are going to love this tire table.

Key Features:

  • Installs within seconds; no tools are required.
  • No hitch required
  • Table cantilever over your vehicle’s tire as its main support
  • Can be used on all four tires, including an exposed rear spare tire
  • Fits most tires 14 inches and larger
  • Flip-able rear slide for better grip on larger tires
  • Includes a retractable leg for extra support
  • Stable and level regardless of the ground conditions
  • All parts included and are stored on the table, including t-bolts
  • Portable workspace

If you’re looking for a tire table that offers durability, stability, and convenience, the Original Standard Steel Tire Table by the Tailgater Tire Table is your way to go. With its brilliant features and design, the tire table will not disappoint and is worth every penny.

Construction and Design

The Tire Table maximizes time and optimum convenience; installing will require you a few minutes, with no hitch and tools needed. It is collapsible, portable, durable, and compact, making it an excellent addition for your tailgating, camping, and roadside picnics.

Because the tire table mounts only to your vehicle tire, you will no longer have to struggle looking for even grounds to set up your table. As it uses the vehicle’s tire as its main support, the table is incredibly stable regardless of the ground conditions.

The rear support slider goes over and behind the tire, and the legs press against the tire, which allows the table to cantilever off the tire.

It is designed with powder-coated steel mesh construction, making the tire table very durable and should easily outlast any vehicles it gets adhere to. Also, installing is so easy, you will not need to lift so much. No tools are needed, as well as hitch required.

You want to maximize most of the space when packing for camping essentials, and a large and bulky table will not help. Interestingly enough, the tire table is incredibly portable and compact. The foldable two legs of the table store inside the frame, allowing the table to lay nearly flat. When folded, the tire table measures only an inch, allowing you to tuck it away without wasting any space.

In this deal, the package includes a retractable center leg for extra support, if needed. It can be straight, angled, or not use at all.

Furthermore, the Tailgater Tire table comes in several sizes. If you want a tire table less in weight or larger, the brand has one for you: a tire table made out of aluminum steel for lightweight version and a large steel tire table. They also sell extra jam bolts and tire table storage bag, if you need or prefer.


The Original Standard Steel Tire Table is made of steel with a powder-coat finish, offering you incredible durability.

You want to have a safe grilling with your tire table, free from potential hazards. Luckily, powder-coated steel frames are low in toxicity and have low flammability.         Steel made tables are sturdy enough, but when it is engineered with powder-coat, durability increases and helps the table to withstand damages better and last longer. Also, powder coat steel requires little to no maintenance. Hence, this tire table is as well—durable, low flammability, and low maintenance.

Capacity and Fit

The Original Standard Steel Tire Table can be used in all four tires of your vehicles, including the exposed rear spare tire, with sizes 14 inches and larger. It is great for outdoor vehicle adventures, including tailgating of every kind, RV’ing, camping, 4 Wheeling, car picnics, and biking, to name a few.

If you’re looking for an all-around travel table, the Original Standard Steel Tire Table is your best option. The table itself weighs less than 12 pounds and can hold up to 50 pounds. Hence, it is a sturdy platform for your portable grill and provides plenty of room for all your picnic snacks.

Also, working with heavy equipment made easy with the Original Standard Steel Tire Table. This travel tire table also works for your compactor vehicle tires. You can keep your tools and work of the grounds, giving your backs some slack.


The good thing about the Tailgater Tire Table brand is it’s a one-stop-shop. If you want to have spare jam bolts or a tire table bag, the brand offers such products. The tire table also comes in several versions, including a lighter in weight aluminum tire table and large steel tire table. You can buy each for your four tiles or buy one for your friends.

Can be used on all four tires, including the rear spare tireMinor issues with powder-coats and missing jam bolts (can be resolved; the company offers repair or replace, without charge)
100% stable and level regardless of ground conditions If your fender is extremely close to the tire, it may not fit
Package includes retractable leg for added stability Short warranty period
Powder coat finish, thus, durability is ensured
Sturdy, stable, and durable platform
Requires no skill, tools, and hitches
Incredibly compact and portable
Lightweight and slim fit storage
Portable workspace made easy
Very convenient to use
Holds up to 50 pounds
Fits most or tire sizes
Easy to install

Installing the Original Standard Steel Tire Table – Instruction Guide

When purchased, the tire table will be packaged, with all the table’s parts and comprehensive guide inside a box. The box is compact, just like the product, having no unnecessary space and junks. The travel table is well-packaged, minimizing waste; the box perfectly fits the compact and portable tire table.

Here is brief anatomy of your TailGater Tire Table:

  1. Two legs
  2. Two jam bolts
  3. Retractable leg
  4. Additional jam bolt for the extra leg
  5. Rear tire support slider
  6. Two push button
  7. Tabletop

Installing the tire table requires no tools and hitches and will take you minutes. It is very convenient, easy, and simple to set up and tuck away. Here is a comprehensive, detailed installing guide.

First, install the three jam bolts in both sides where the rear tire support slider is, to lock the slider.

Second, release the two legs from the storage located on the table’s bottom side by pressing the silver push buttons. The legs are pressed on the front of the tire to support the table.

Third, slide in the legs into the square receivers on the left and right sides, located next to the rear support slider.

Fourth, loosen the two jam bolts you installed earlier, allowing you to pull the rear tire support slider for about 12 inches.

Lastly, put the rear side table over the tire, at the back of your tire, with one hand holding the slider and thighs pressing the table from outside. Ensure fit and tighten jam bolts one at a time.

For additional support, release the retractable leg from the bottom of the table, which also has a jammed bolt holding it in place. You can use either angle it to your tire or just straight to the ground. Putting that makes the table stronger and stable.

If your tires are 32″ and up, allow more grip by flipping over the rear tire support slider. The tire table is not meant to be used as a seat or a step, so be careful and not injure yourself and the newly purchased tire table.

NOTE: Do not use the tire table next to the gas tank when using anything that emits a spark.

Getting to Know the Tailgater Tire Table Brand

It hasn’t been that long since the Tailgater Tire Table started their business, but it has undoubtedly established a strong brand name. As for me, it was not that hard to locate the brand.

Once you start searching for a tire table, the Tailgater Tire Table is one of the leading searches. It is not just because their brand name immediately shows what they offer (a tire table), but also because it earned excellent reputable reviews from many customers.

A brand that understands and meets your needs, here is the Tailgater Tire Table. The company is a family run business from top to bottom. They aim to provide products that best meet your needs. The brand’s philosophy states, “treating people the way we would like to be treated.”

The brand, as it emphasizes on its brand name, focuses on manufacturing tire tables. As an outdoor enthusiast brand, their product catalog consists of tire tables in several sizes and other outdoor activities necessities like mosquito repellant.

As of the moment, the brand has limited products to offer. This also means they have plenty of room to fill, greater products to invent. Plus, they are focused on tire tables; hence, the products are thoroughly thought and manufactured.

The company has its website and is based on Ormsby Lane, Washoe Valley, NV. They are also available on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram if ever you have personal queries.


As an outdoor enthusiast, you want a travel table that goes where you go. You want it to be convenient, easy, and durable. Looks like you’ve been looking for The Original Standard Steel Tire Table all along.

This tire table is brilliantly created, having 100% stability regardless of ground conditions, thanks to its creative structure. The durable steel tire table uses your vehicle tires as its main support. Two legs rest up over your tires and an additional center extendable leg for extra support and stability.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about bringing tools to install the table because it is designed for tool-free installing. Convenience at its finest, installing the tire table will take minutes without a single sweat.

Other than convenience, the tire table is also top-notch when it comes to functionality. It can hold up to 50 pounds, allowing you to use the table for various purposes (just not for sitting and stepping). It is also incredibly compact, folds up flat with all parts secured, so you can tuck it away without wasting any valuable space. Amazing, right? Thanks to TailGater Tire Table, outdoor fun is made even better.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase the Original Standard Steel Tire Table?

Several store outlets online offer the Original Standard Steel Tire Table, including Amazon and eBay. We recommend that you buy on either of these two sites, if not directly purchase from the Tailgater Tire Table store website. But if you want to have discounts, Amazon sometimes offers price sales that you can use to your advantage.

What is the max tire diameter that the tire table can work with?

The Original Standard Steel Tire Table can fit up to 14 inches and larger. It states it their site that if your tire is 32 inches and up, flipping over the rear tire support slider allows more grip on the tire. Its claimed capability can fit tires larger than 32 inches, which is quite a big size for a tire. Hence, it can fit most tire sizes.

Can you drive with the tire table attached?

You can but recommended not to do so. Some shoppers drive with the tire tables attached and claimed it was perfectly fine. It just turned dirty but still fine. However, for superior safety, it is best to keep them away when driving.

Why is this better than four-legged tables?

The major advantage of the Original Standard Steel Tire Table against four-legged tables is this delivers 100% stability regardless of ground conditions. Because it uses your vehicles’ tire as its main support, you don’t have to worry about looking for the evenest ground to set your table.

Moreover, the Original Standard Steel Tire Table is incredibly durable and compact. When folded, it measures only an inch thick, not bulky, allowing you to maximize your car trunk or fit any storage gear.

Is it worth its price?

Yes, the Original Standard Steel Tire Table by TailGater is a bit on the expensive side, but its quality and top-notch functionality make it worth its price. Regardless of where you are or your purpose of use, the tire table will stay 100% stable and durable. The tire table will last you for a very long time.

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