Top 8 Best Tires for Kia Optima | 2021 Reviews (Pirelli)

Road trips are always better with friends or family, especially when you’re driving the Kia Optima. Whether you’re driving to work or taking a leisurely drive along the highway, this car never fails in providing exceptional performance no matter how far your destination is. 

As you drive frequently, you’ll have to set your expectations about the tendency to replace your car tires. These can’t last forever because it will put your life, along with passengers’ lives, at risk. If it’s your time to replace your worn tire, here are the best tires for the Kia Optima. 

Top 8 Best Tires for Kia Optima Reviewed

  1. CintuRato P7 215/55R17 Tire by Pirelli – Best Overall
  2. Signature HP 235/45R17SL Tire by Dunlop – Best Value
  3. LXUHP-207 215/55R18 Tire by Lexani – Editor’s Choice
  4. HTR A/S P02 215/65R16 Tire by Sumitomo Tire
  5. Ventus V2 195/55R15 Tire by Hankook
  6. Evolution Tour 205/55R16 Tire by Cooper
  7. Neo Gen 205/50R15 Tire by Nitto
  8. Catchpower 205/50R16 Tire by Windforce

#1. CintuRato P7 215/55R17 Tire by Pirelli – Best Overall

CintuRato P7 215/55R17 Tire

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  • Type: All-Season
  • Size: 215/55R17
  • Rim Width: 7 inches
  • Section Width: 215 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,477 pounds

If you’re looking for the best tire for your EX-trim level, you should check out what Pirelli has to offer. The CintuRato P7 215/55R17 is a bestseller because of its tread-life mileage of up to 70,000 mileages. It guarantees a reduced noise as you drive because of its optimized tread pattern.

This brand is famous for its design, and it lets car owners drive with full comfort because of its quiet ride. Plus, it comes with a polyester cord body, making your ride comfier as you drive on highways or in the city. 

You can also count on its sturdiness, thanks to its two steel belts. Plus, there’s a boost in fuel efficiency, which is a plus factor for car owners. This tire’s stability is also what users love because the cornering grip and steering responsiveness provide exceptional performance, even on bumpy roads. 

When it comes to its traction, it provides a strong grip on wet roads. The four circumferential grooves are responsible for keeping water away to lessen hydroplaning-risks. You don’t have to worry about driving during heavy rains because it will provide safety as you maneuver on slippery roads. 

The traction on icy or snowy roads is manageable, thanks to its biting edges from multiple siping on the tread. However, it’s not a qualified winter tire, which is why it may struggle to move on roads with deep snow. 

Added fuel efficiencyWeak traction on roads with deep snow
Quite rideNot suitable for SUVs

#2. Signature HP 235/45R17SL Tire by Dunlop – Best Value

Signature HP 235/45R17SL Tire

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  • Type: Ultra-High-Performance
  • Size: 235/45R17SL
  • Rim Width: 6.5 inches
  • Section Width: 235 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,477 pounds

Dunlop has been providing exceptional products since day one, and one of the best tires to consider is the Signature HP 235/45R17SL Tire. 

The speed rating of this tire, which is V and W, makes it ideal for sports cars and high-performance sedans. If you love speed, it’s a suitable tire for your Optima. Plus, you can control it without any hassle, no matter how fast you may drive. 

You’ll love how it can provide smoother rides without disturbing noises, especially when you’re driving on highways. It also features improved responsiveness as you control the steering wheel, thanks to the wide outboard shoulder blocks with center ribs. Also, it assures stability, especially when you’re driving in slippery areas. 

The independent tread blocks expel excessive water out of the grooves, making it hydroplaning-resistant. This feature also gives a strong grip as you drive on wet roads, making it favorable during rainy seasons. 

Aside from that, it comes with an innovative blade pattern, which adds some biting edges for traction on roads with light snow. However, it’s not enough to get through areas with deep snow.

Has a strong resistance to hydroplaningHas a light grip on icy roads
Impressive speed rating
Not ideal for minivans

#3. LXUHP-207 215/55R18 Tire by Lexani – Editor’s Choice

LXUHP-207 215/55R18 Tire

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  • Type: Ultra-High-Performance
  • Size: 215/55R18  
  • Rim Width: 7 inches
  • Section Width: 215 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,521 pounds

Another exceptional UHP tire to consider for your Kia Optima is the LXUHP-207 215/55R18 Tire by Lexani. It provides an impressive ride quality because of its stability and better handling. Thanks to its unidirectional tread pattern, maneuvering your car is hassle-free. 

You can count on this tire’s durability with its highly-advanced construction. Despite frequent road trips with your friends, you’re at peace with your Lexani tires because these are long-lasting. 

Another edge of this tire is the minimal noise it provides, unlike other All-Season tires. You’ll enjoy driving around the city or on highways because it assures a comfy ride, no matter long you drive. 

Aside from that, it also provides strong traction on wet areas because of its lateral grooves. These make sure you stay steady on slippery roads while it pumps water out of the tread pattern. Plus, these improve the tire’s hydroplaning resistance. 

It also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to dry roads. However, it doesn’t have a very satisfying winter or snow performance because the biting edges are not enough for deep snow or icy roads. It’s not a suitable tire for this weather condition because it can put your life at risk. 

Better stability in wet areasNot ideal for temperatures at 40 degrees Celsius or below
VersatilityNot very stylish for a sports car

#4. HTR A/S P02 215/65R16 Tire by Sumitomo Tire

HTR A/S P02 215/65R16 Tire

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  • Type: Ultra-High-Performance All-Season 
  • Size: 215/65R16
  • Rim Width: 6.5 inches
  • Section Width: 215 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,653 pounds

If you’re having a hard time deciding where to buy tires, you should consider the collection of Sumitomo Tire. One of the bestsellers for sedans is the HTR A/S P02 215/65R16 Tire, and it’s worth your money because it uses high-quality materials for better performance. 

It features a polyester casing with high-tension and high ply turn-ups for enhanced stability. Maneuvering around the city or on highways is more comfortable because it’s responsive to the steering wheel. 

Another feature that you’ll love is the silica-enhanced tread compound. This advantage, molded to an asymmetric design, is responsible for providing exceptional traction on wet roads. No matter how frequent you drive on wet areas, you don’t have to worry about your safety because the lateral grooves with a high-angle lessen the hydroplaning danger. 

When it comes to wintry conditions, this tire features 3D sipes, which provide additional biting edges to make light snow traction stronger. However, it’s still not strong enough for icy roads. 

There’s no question about its dry traction because it’s where it performs at its finest. Plus, it provides a comfier ride because of its stability at high-speed. 

Aside from that, this tire is also multi-purpose. You can also install it on sports coupes, sports cars, or other performance sedans. 

Exceptional grip on dry roadsWeak ice and deep snow traction
Promotes even ride qualityProduces a little noise

#5. Ventus V2 195/55R15 Tire by Hankook

Ventus V2 195/55R15 Tire

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  • Type: Ultra-High-Performance
  • Size: 195/55R15
  • Rim Width: 6 inches
  • Section Width: 195 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,135 pounds

Hankook is also one of the most reliable brands when it comes to UHP tires. If you need to replace one for your Kia Optima, you should check out the Ventus V2 195/55R15 Tire. It comes in a classy look, which makes it appealing to any sedan. 

It’s very versatile because you can install it on sports coupes, performance sedans, and mid-level sports cars. 

Performance is one of the reasons why you should buy this tire because of its ride quality. You can guarantee smoother rides, providing you comfort even if you drive for how many miles. Plus, it doesn’t produce noise, which adds relief as you drive in the city or highways. 

It also has a strong grip on dry roads and an improved steering response, thanks to the tread compound with a directional tread pattern. You can never go wrong with its braking performance, which is a plus factor in safety. 

The traction in wet areas may not be a strong as the grip on dry roads, yet it still lets the car move safely because of its V-shaped tread design and four circumferential grooves. These assist in draining excessive water under the tire’s contact patch, making it hydroplaning-resistant. 

Smoother handling on dry roadsNot advisable for wintry conditions
Classy lookWeak traction on wet areas

#6. Evolution Tour 205/55R16 Tire by Cooper 

Evolution Tour 205/55R16 Tire

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  • Type: All-Season
  • Size: 205/55R16
  • Rim Width: 6.5 inches
  • Section Width: 205 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,356 pounds

If you need a replacement tire for your Kia Optima with an LX-trim level, you can never go wrong with the Evolution Tour 205/55R16 Tire. 

Car owners recommend it because of its noise comfort, even if you speed up. It’s one of the reasons why many prefer using it. Plus, it also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its ride quality. 

You can assure impressive handling, regardless if you’re driving on wet or dry roads, because of its strong grip. The intermediate ribs help in maintaining exceptional stability as you maneuver on slippery or bumpy roads. Also, it’s very responsive, thanks to its StabilEdge Technology. It’s why you will not feel any hassle even if you drive on highways for how many miles.

Besides that, you can also guarantee a safer ride on roads with little snow because it has 3D Micro-Gauge sipes, and these come with full depth. These give strong traction on snow. However, it’s not very desirable on icy roads. 

Durability is also another reason why it’s worth your money. It comes with one-ply and a polyester casing, which supports the twin steel belts. These parts are responsible for making this tire extra-sturdy. 

What makes this tire a bestseller is its versatility. You can use it on any sedans. Plus, you can also install it on minivans and crossovers because of its maximum capacity-limit. 

Features a StabilEdge TechnologyMinor shakiness on slippery areas
Risky on icy roads

#7. Neo Gen 205/50R15 Tire by Nitto

Neo Gen 205/50R15 Tire

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  • Type: All-Season
  • Size: 205/50R15
  • Rim Width: 8 inches
  • Section Width: 205 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,279 pounds

Another top-performing tire that you can also consider from Nitto is the Neo Gen 205/50R15. If you’re looking for a tire with a strong grip on snowy roads, it will never be a disappointment. Also, it’s suitable for LX-trim levels. 

It features 3D multi-wave sipes, improving the grip on wet roads. There’s safety as you drive on highways or in the city despite heavy rains. These sipes also stabilize tread blocks, making its wet traction more favorable to users in areas with frequent rainfalls. 

Aside from that, you can also expect enhanced cornering traction, thanks to the large outer shoulder blocks. These improve the tire-to-road contact for better stability and handling. 

Its performance on dry roads will meet your expectations because of its responsiveness. It gives a smoother ride quality as you control the steering wheel. Also, it’s not noisy while driving, which is a relief for road trips. 

Another reason why you should consider buying it is that it’s less probable to wear out immediately.  Also, it comes with a continuous inner shoulder, which lessens the tread flex for added durability.

Strong traction on snowy roadsToo meek by style for a Kia Optima
Produces a minimized noiseDiscomfort due to its noise

#8. Catchpower 205/50R16 Tire by Windforce

Catchpower 205/50R16 Tire

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  • Type: All-Season
  • Size: 205/50R16
  • Section Width: 205 millimeters
  • Capacity: 1,356 pounds

Windforce has been meeting the expectations of Optima owners when it comes to quality. If you can’t decide what tire to buy for your LX-trim level, you should consider the Catchpower 205/50R16 Tire. 

Car owners recommend this tire because of its traction on both wet and dry traction. You can assure safety even if you speed up, especially when it’s raining because of its biting edges. Plus, it’s fuel-efficient as it lessens the car’s rolling resistance, which makes it eco-friendly too. 

Another advantage of this tire is the precise control it gives as you maneuver the steering wheel. It’s very favorable because it allows high-speed cornering, thanks to the continuous block patterns. 

Aside from that, it has an optimized contact pressure allocation with its special rib segment pattern, which contributes to its steering responsiveness. 

When it comes to comfort, it provides a reduced noise because of the serrated groove walls. These absorb the noise, which promotes a quieter ride, especially on highways.

The fine sipes and lateral grooves enhance its traction as you drive on wet roads. It’s hydroplaning-resistant because these features drain excess water, making every drive safer on rainy days or slippery roads. 

What makes this tire advantageous among other brands is the rim protector. You can prolong your tire’s longevity as this feature will protect it from curb damages. 

Has a rim protectorLesser comfort during rides
High load capacityNot safe for snowy areas

Top Pick – Best Tires for Kia Optima

The impressive ride quality of the CintuRato P7 215/55R17 Tire by Pirelli makes it the top pick. This tire never fails in meeting users’ satisfaction because it doesn’t make any noise, even if you speed up or drive for long miles on highways. 

It fits well on the EX-trim level, and it’s fuel-efficient. The steering responsiveness makes it easier to control, even when you’re driving in wet areas. Plus, it’s hydroplaning-resistant, thanks to the four circumferential grooves. 

Aside from that, it has a manageable winter/snow performance for light snow. On the other hand, it’s not guaranteed safe on deep snow. 

When it comes to sturdiness, it will last longer than other All-Season tires. It can reach up to 70,000 mileages before you claim for its warranty. 

Getting the Best Tires for Kia Optima – Buyers Guide

There are some factors you need to consider before buying car tires for replacements. Before you decide what brand to trust, you have to consider these tips as you look for the best one for your Kia Optima. Here’s a buying guide to consider. 

Types of Car Tires

It’s important to determine what car type to consider because these have their differences in treadwear warranty, speed ratings, and wheel size. 

Performance All-Season Car Tires

This tire-type has year-round traction, and it’s ideal for enthusiastic car owners because of its high-speed rating. It assures improved handing even if the user drives with acceleration. Plus, the braking performance is better compared to typical All-Season tires. 

All-Season Car Tires

This tire-type is the most typical in the market, and it has long treadwear. If you want a versatile type, you can count on it because it’s ideal for light-duty SUVs, pickups, and other small cars. However, its handling may not be as good as Performance All-Season types. 

Ultra-High-Performance Car Tire or UHP

This type is frequent on high-end sedans or sports cars. Handling is also its edge, along with the steering wheel’s responsiveness. Plus, it’s best on both dry and wet roads. The downside feature is that it’s not as long-lasting as All-Season types. Plus, it’s not suitable for icy conditions. 

Winter/Snow Tires

This tire-type has the strongest traction, especially on icy roads. However, the treadwear is faster compared to All-Season tires. Plus, the edges should bite into ice and snow, while the rubber has to stay flexible despite the freezing temperature. 

Performance Winter/Snow Tires

This type comes in UHP All-Season sizes, and it’s a seasonal replacement during winter for enhanced ice traction. 

Speed Rating

This factor is crucial because it’s the indicator of how fast a tire is capable of running without compromising safety. Tires under the UHP All-Season-type have a higher speed rating compared to SUVs or family sedans. 

Letters represent the maximum speed that a specific tire is capable of handling.  Here’s a guide for you. 

S = 112 mph

T = 118 mph

H = 130 mph

V = 149 mph

ZR = 149+ mph

W = 168 mph

Y = 186 mph

Q = 99 mph and over

Here are the speed ratings as per tire-type.

Performance All-Season Car Tires – H or 130 mph and V or 149 mph

Ultra-High-Performance Car Tires – ZR or 149+ mph, W or 168 mph, and Y or 186 mph

All-Season Car Tires – S or 112 mph and T or 118 mph. Some tires don’t have indicated speed ratings under this tire-type 

Performance Winter/Snow Car Tires – H or 130 mph and above

Winter/Snow Car Tire – Q or 99 mph and above

Tire Sizes

It’s another significant factor to consider because your tire should fit in your car’s trim level. Else, it may cause unwanted accidents if you use the wrong size for your trim. However, determining the tire size is unlike the typical sizing your see, such as in diameters. For tires, this comes in a series of numbers, like 245/40-R18. 

Here’s how you should read its size:

The first number before the slash is the section width in millimeters. 

The number after the slash is the aspect ratio, which indicates the height of the sidewall. Low-profile car tires’ aspect ratio ranges from 30 to 40, while SUVs and Sedans are 45 to 60. 

The letter R stands for Radial. However, some use VR or ZR, yet these are not different from the typical tires with R because the letters V and Z only define its speed rating. 

After the letter R, the last number is the diameter. It’s the empty hole-part and not the diameter of the entire wheel. 

Treadwear Warranty

Another factor to keep in mind is the treadwear warranty of your tire. The treadwear information will let you know the estimate on how many mileages your tire can endure before the warranty. You can determine the treadwear rating on the sidewall, and here are the warranties as per tire-type. 

Performance All-Season Car Tires – No warranty or mileages from 40,000 to 80,000

Ultra-High-Performance Car Tires – No warranty or mileages 30,000 to 60,000

All-Season Car Tires – No warranty or mileages from 40,000 to 100,000

Performance Winter/Snow Car Tires – No warranty

Winter/Snow Car Tire – No warranty for most

Determining the Best Time to Buy New Tires

Others think that determining when to replace tires is a struggle, yet it’s not that complicated. It’s crucial to inspect your tires once per month to assure safety. Flat tires don’t immediately need replacements. If you’re having a hard time determining whether your tires are still in good condition or not, you can seek the help of a certified technician for assessment. On the other hand, you can try to assess your tires with this checklist.

Recall if you used your car while the tires are flat. 

Check where the damage is and assess whether it’s in the tire’s sidewall or on a part that doesn’t touch the road. 

Check if the puncture is one-fourth-inch deep or less. 

Check if your car tires work to a tread depth of 4/32 or less. 

If you encountered “yes” on most, then it’s time to replace your tire. 

Quick Ways on How to Check a Tread Depth

As you check on your tire’s tread depth, you can consider these steps. 

Use a penny to check on the tread depth – Take note that the head should be facing down. After that, put it into the tread groove, which is the shallowest. If the head is visible, then you need a replacement. 

Determine via wear bars – If you don’t want to use a penny, you can check the lines across your tire’s big grooves. It displays how close it is to the tread depth of 2/32, which is the legal minimum. If you see these bars, you need to buy a new tire for your Kia Optima. 

Tips to Consider in Replacing Tires

Replacing one tire is what most car owners prefer instead of replacing the entire set. However, there are instances that you’ll have to replace more than one or all, even if the rest don’t have damages. Here are tips for you in replacing tires.

One Tire

One crucial tip is to find the exact match that you need to replace. It’s highly advisable to use the same brand, speed rating, model, and load capacity if you don’t want to encounter poor handling or weak braking performance. However, it’s best to replace the opposite tire unless the worn on the tread is less than 2/32. 

Two Tires

If you need to replace two tires, you need to rotate these. Put the older tires in front to avoid fishtailing, while the new ones will have to move at the back. Since front wheels follow the steering wheel, it will be easier to drive the car when the new ones are back because it prevents the end from swinging out to the side.

Three Tires

Replacing three tires is never a recommended practice. If you need to replace three, it’s best to replace all for safety purposes. In the automotive industry, this is the advice of professionals. However, if you prefer to replace three tires, make sure that the back-part gets the new ones, and move the old tires in front. 

Four Tires

It’s the recommended way by professionals. It may cost you much, but it’s best not to compromise safety only because you don’t want to spend money.

Some Handy Tips on Keeping Tires Safe

Once your tire starts to wear out, you have no other options but to replace it. However, there are tips on how you can push it to its maximum tread-life with these tips. 

Have a monthly check-up on your tires’ air pressure, especially when you used these for a couple of miles. It’s best to follow the air pressure stated inside the fuel-filler door, glove compartment, or on the doorjamb’s placard. Never refer to the pressure on the sidewall because it’s maximum. 

Assess whether your tires have uneven treadwear, which signifies worn suspension parts or poor wheel alignment. As you check these before putting new tires on, you can stop the new ones from wearing prematurely. 

Follow the vehicle’s weight capacity and stay with it because overloading can make it run hotter. This instance will increase the probabilities of damages to your tires. 

Always check the tread depth with a penny to see whether it’s about 4/32 inches deep or not. In case it is, you should buy a new one for your car. 


Most of the crucial factors include traction, handling, and brake performance. If you are to buy a replacement for your worn tires, these are the best tires for Kia Optima, including the CintuRato P7 215/55R17 Tire by Pirelli. One of the best features the ride quality it provides. 

Aside from that, most car owners would prefer to seek a professional’s advice when replacing tires. However, this buying guide will help you explore how to buy the best one for your Kia Optima. You can consider these tips to make it easier for you to understand the basic stuff you need to know regarding tires. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What do traction and temperature scores mean on the sidewall of a tire?

This information signifies the ability and resistance of its temperature when it comes to wet-stopping. The best grade for traction is AA, yet the worst is C. As for the temperature resistance, the score ranges from A, being the best grade, to C. 

I don’t have to replace my tires, but I want an upgrade. Can I do it by myself? 

Upgrading tires is more complicated than replacing your tires, especially if you want better performance. Most would upgrade to change their tire-type to higher-performance tires, but it’s best to look for the same size. If you want to upgrade your tires, you should seek the advice of a professional. 

Do I have to replace the rest of the tires if I need to replace one?

It depends, but you’ll have to replace as many as you can for safety purposes. Most car owners consider replacing the rest of the tires when these have the same age or during snowy or rainy weather for a stronger grip. 

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