Top 8 Best Tires for Honda Accord | 2021 Reviews (Cooper)

Known as the best-selling car in America, the Honda Accord has been making a runaway success since 1976. The Accord is an iconic hatchback vehicle that won millions of car buyers with its fuel-efficiency and simple design. It quickly became the top-selling car in the USA, with over 13 million units sold.

As a revolutionary Honda car, the Accord has proven itself in the entire auto industry due to its value, performance, and lasting power. That is why this car needs the perfect tire set that can keep up with its premium aspects. You need to look for tires with superior performance, traction, and tread wear.

While buying tires for Honda Accord can be challenging, this tire buying guide will give you the Honda Accord’s best tires. You will learn everything about the best tires through an in-depth product review, best tire brands, tire buying guide, and a comprehensive FAQ section. So, sit back and read this tire buying guide to find the best tire for your Honda Accord.

Top 8 Best Tires for Honda Accord Reviewed

  1. CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire by Cooper – Best Overall
  2. Assurance ComforTred Touring Radial Tire by Goodyear – Best Value
  3. Potenza RE970AS Pole Position Radial Tire by Bridgestone – Editor’s Choice
  4. Premier A/S All-Season Radial Tire by Michelin
  5. PureContact LS Performance Radial Tire by Continental
  6. ENVigor All-Season Tire by Yokohama
  7. TrueContact All-Season Tire by Continental
  8. Eagle Sport A/S VSBTL Radial Tire by Goodyear

#1. CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire by Cooper – Best Overall


CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire by Cooper

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  • Standard all-season touring tire for light trucks
  • Extra silica compound to combat uneven wear
  • Full-depth 3D micro-gauge siping for biting edges
  • High-turnup, single-ply polyester
  • Nylon reinforcement for high-speed durability
  • Hyper sipe density to aid wet traction

The CS5 Grand Touring tire from Cooper is a highly-affordable premier tire designed to offer exceptional performance for everyday driving conditions. Besides SUVs, passenger cars, crossovers, and minivans, the CS5 is also the best touring tire for Honda Accord. 

Featuring Cooper’s new tire technology, the CS5 utilizes a silica tread compound that aims to provide exceptional performance across all types of road surfaces. The silica content is four times the amount than other similar tires. As a result, the CS5 has lower fuel usage, better overall traction, increased acceleration, and reduced braking distances.

The CS5 consists of an advanced five-rib asymmetric tread pattern that lessens uneven tread wear, allowing the tires to rotate from side to side. Meanwhile, the 3D micro-gauge makes it easy for the tire to interlock, allowing added stability on the highway. You’ll also experience greater performance, whether on wet or snow-covered surfaces.

The CS5 Grand Touring tire has a generous treadwear warranty at 80,000 miles with available sizes from 15 to 18 inches.

Highly-affordableNot ideal for heavy snow
All-purpose tire

#2. Assurance ComforTred Touring Radial Tire by Goodyear – Best Value

Assurance ComforTred Touring Radial Tire by Goodyear

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  • Dual-comfort zones in the sidewall and tread
  • Mildly asymmetric tread design for better handling
  • 20% more cushion than typical passenger tires
  • Exceptional traction in various driving conditions for year-round performance
  • Wide circumferential grooves to evacuate water
  • Super shock absorbent Comfort Layer on the tread and steel belts

While other competitors tend to compromise driving comfort when it comes to touring tires, the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred takes a different approach with an eye towards superior passenger comfort, long tread life, and all-season traction. As an all-season touring tire designed for minivans, sedans, sport coupes, and light vehicles, Goodyear guarantees that the ComfortTred will provide drivers the most comfortable ride ever.

Goodyear uses up to 20% more cushion than other typical passenger tires. Due to the Special Comfort Layer technology, the Assurance ComforTred delivers an extra soft rubber layer between the tread and steel belts. The outer ComfortEdge located in the sidewall layer increases ride comfort by absorbing harsh road shocks.

The Goodyear Assurance focuses on providing a smooth and quiet ride while providing all-season traction and handling. It is made possible through its asymmetric tread design with notched intermediate ribs, independent shoulder blocks, and four wide circumferential grooves. These materials combine to improve handling, enhance dry pavement grip, and ensure an on-center feel. 

As the best snow tire for Honda Accord, the Assurance ComforTred uses an Inner Handling Sidewall layer to increase steering response and handling at high speeds. The tire goes through light to moderate snow, rain, and slush than other comparable tires. It also forms biting edges with its tread sipes and notches to help the vehicle get through wet and snow-covered road surfaces. 

Inside the tread, you will find nylon-wrapped steel belts that give the tire added stability and strength while moving at high speeds. It creates a smoother riding experience and exceptional tread life. The Assurance ComforTred has available sizes from 15 to 18 inches with speed ratings varying from T, H, and V. 

Cushioned structure for a comfortable driving
Poor wet traction
Tread wears out evenlyVery expensive

#3. Potenza RE970AS Pole Position Radial Tire by Bridgestone – Editor’s Choice

Potenza RE970AS Pole Position Radial Tire by Bridgestone

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  • Ultra-high-performance radial
  • Silica-rich compound for wet and dry traction
  • Large shoulder blocks for superior cornering performance
  • 3D sipes for better braking performance
  • Continuous center rib to increase responsiveness
  • Stiff treads with responsive steering

Introducing the new version of the RE960 AS, the Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position is an all-season tire that brings performance to the next level. Designed for sedans and high-end sport coupes, the Potenza RE970AS utilizes Bridgestone tire technology in its tread design. 

The Potenza RE970AS consists of a silica-enhanced tread compound and a directional tread pattern that enhances steering response and delivers excellent traction on dry, wet, and snow-covered pavements. Meanwhile, the stiff sidewall filler and continuous center ribs give the tire superior braking performance, cornering abilities, and dry surface grip while resisting tire distortion at high cornering speeds.

Bridgestone combines four circumferential grooves and lateral grooves for efficient traction and handling on both wet and snow surfaces. It also helps in channeling slush and water from the tire and improves hydroplane resistance. Plus, it features the LL Carbon material to improve tread wear and avoid premature damage from chipping and cracking.

The Potenza RE970AS comes with nylon-wrapped steel belts positioned between the polyester cord plies for added performance, durability, and strength while driving at fast speeds. It also has a unique O-Bead that ensures tire uniformity and ride comfort.r

Superior stability and braking at higher speedsFair performance in winter
Great handling due to stiff tread blocks
Tires wear out fast

#4. Premier A/S All-Season Radial Tire by Michelin

Premier A/S All-Season Radial Tire by Michelin

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  • Michelin Total Performance eco-focused manufacturing method
  • Sunflower oil and silica enhanced tread compound 
  • Symmetric tread design for responsive dry-road handling
  • EverGrip Technology for wet traction
  • Expanding Rain Grooves on tire circumference
  • Emerging Grooves that retains more traction

Michelin, the world’s leading tire manufacturer, is known for its pioneer contributions in the tire industry. The Premier A/S, a Michelin tire for Honda Accord, is a perfect example of their unparalleled tire technology. Aimed for all types of minivans, crossovers, sedans, and coupes, the Premier A/S guarantees the highest all-season performance for brave adventurers. 

Michelin features the EverGrip safety technology, consisting of sunflower oil and silica tread compound for lasting wet traction. Once the tire wears, the EverGrip takes action by expanding the rain grooves. It also helps tires have the ability to evacuate water while providing wet traction. It allows hidden grooves to emerge from the rubber and eliminate water and deliver more grip.

The Premier A/S uses additional sunflower oil and sipes around the tread compound to provide more biting edges, enhancing traction on ice and snow. This way, the tread becomes more flexible in colder temperatures. It also comes with two steel belts with a polyester cord body to increase durability and strength. 

The Michelin Premier A/S has available sizes from 15 to 18 inches with H and V speed ratings, including a 60,000-tread mile warranty. 

Total performance tire that combines several tire technologies
Average performance in wet surfaces

#5. PureContact LS Performance Radial Tire by Continental

PureContact LS Performance Radial Tire by Continental

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  • Temperature-activated functional polymers 
  • The asymmetric pattern on tread features a solid on-center feel
  • Comfort Ride Technology to reduce vibration
  • +Silane additives to increase traction
  • Sweeping grooves to resist hydroplaning
  • Single-ply, polyester casing to enhance durability

Built for wagons, coupes, sedans, and small SUVs, the Pure Contact LS is an all-season grand touring tire designed to provide top-level comfort, traction, and vehicle response on all road surfaces. Besides being a summer tire, the Pure Contact LS also works well in rainy or wintry conditions.

The PureContact LS has garnered positive reviews from testers and users with its maximum grip, ride quality and superior car handling than other similar tires. Plus, it has a 10% reduction in brake distance. Continental claims that the PureContact LS can last at an estimated 50,000 miles in rough road conditions. 

Its internal construction consists of a single-ply polyester casing to achieve an overall lightweight construction and reduced unladen weight on the vehicle’s suspension. Meanwhile, the high apex delivers responsive handling when accelerating, braking, and turning while ensuring ride comfort. It also has dual steel belts reinforced by two polyamide overlays for optimum durability and higher-speed driving stability.

Continental uses the Comfort Ride technology by applying an underlay beneath the tread to reduce cabin vibrations and isolate the tread. It also comes with a Silane coating on the tire compound that improves overall grip on icy and wet surfaces. Plus, combining the deep circumferential channels and sweeping tread grooves guarantees protection against hydroplaning.

Comfort Ride Tech for a smooth and stable ride
Relatively noisy
Generous warranty policy

#6. ENVigor All-Season Tire by Yokohama

ENVigor All-Season Tire by Yokohama

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  • All-season run-flat radial tire
  • Temporary extended mobility up to 50 miles
  • AVID ENVigor ZPS feature combines performance and comfort
  • Optimized contact patch for all-season traction
  • A continuous tapered center rib that enhances tread rigidity 
  • Adaptive 3D sipes to increase wet traction

The Yokohama Avid ENVigor is a high-performance all-season tire designed to fit all types of crossovers, sedans, and sports coupes. This tire has become extremely popular due to its superior handling abilities. 

Yokohoma combines the tapered center rib and silica tread compound with Uni-block shoulders to enhance handling and grip on wet and dry surfaces. The groove-in-groove technology lessens tire stress and increases sidewall stiffness for efficient handling. It also has an optimized tread contact patch for added road contact, increased rolling resistance, and better overall tire wear.

The Avid ENVigor uses a Six-Pitch Tread Variation that separates the tread blocks to reduce road noise. When going for a light snow driving, the 3D sipes, intermediate tread blocks, and angled grooves work together to increase wet road traction. It also promotes hydroplane resistance, giving you extra confidence in harsh weather.

Yokohama guarantees that the Avid ENVigor provides enhanced durability and stability at higher speeds due to its two steel belts with spirally-wrapped jointless nylon cover. This way, the tire delivers more riding comfort and uniform wear. The Avid ENVigor has available sizes from 15 to 20 inches with speed ratings ranging from H, V, and W.  

Groove-in-groove tech to enhance treadwearLess efficient in wintry conditions
Less-noisy drive

#7. TrueContact All-Season Tire by Continental

TrueContact All-Season Tire by Continental

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  • EcoPlus technology to conserve fuel
  • All-season traction for wet, dry, and wintry conditions
  • Tg-F Polymers and +Silane additives to enhance treadwear
  • Symmetric design for continuous tread contact
  • Circumferential grooves to promote hydroplaning
  • Siped intermediate tread blocks for added biting edges 

Built with the best tire technology, the Continental TrueContact provides consistent and stable driving performance in all types of road and weather conditions. It works best for smaller crossovers, minivans, sedans, and coupes. This tire utilizes Continental’s cutting-edge tire technology to give drivers a consistent and lasting performance.

TrueContact uses an all-season compound featuring Continental’s +Silane additives and Tg-F Polymers to deliver better fuel efficiency, reliable traction on wet and dry roads, and industry-leading treadwear. Combining these high-performance compounds with an optimized symmetric tread pattern gives the tire a continuous tread contact on the road. This way, the continuous contact provides better handling and enhanced steering response. 

Continental also pays attention in terms of ride comfort. Using the unique comfort band system, the TrueContact significantly enhances smooth ride comfort while reducing the noise and vibration. It also consists of jointless polyamide on the dual steel belts for added durability, strength, lasting tread life, and uniform driving.

TrueContact offers sizes from 15 to 19 inches with H and T speed ratings and a whopping 90,000-mile tread warranty.  

All-weather tire
Relatively heavy
Fuel-efficientA bit pricey

#8. Eagle Sport A/S VSBTL Radial Tire by Goodyear

Eagle Sport A/S VSBTL Radial Tire by Goodyear

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  • High-sipe density for solid winter traction
  • Directional tread design for optimum traction
  • Extra grip for wintry conditions
  • W-speed rated Ultra-High-Performance All-Season radials
  • Innovative all-season tread compound
  • RaceWrap Construction Technology 

As Goodyear bids goodbye to the popular Eagle GT, the Eagle Sport AS comes in as one of the highest-selling all-season performance tires. Aimed for drivers of sports trucks, sedans, and sports couples, the Eagle Sport AS delivers more responsive handling and dependable traction for year-round weather conditions.

Goodyear utilizes an asymmetric tread pattern and high-tech all-season tread compound for enhanced wet and dry road performance. It also has an exceptional cornering grip and dry traction through its notched center ribs and larger outer shoulder blocks, contributing to its overall feel and steering response.

Around the tire tread, the Eagle Sport uses four circumferential grooves to channel away water and lessen the risk of hydroplaning. In times of snowy and rainy weather, the tire uses its full-depth sipes for added biting edges. It also has a polyamide reinforced dual steel belts for strength and durability. 

Goodyear also uses the unique Race Wrap Construction, a technology used for NASCAR circuit racing tires. This feature guarantees steering response and handling stability. What’s more, the rim protector secures the tires from possible damage. 

The Eagle Sport has available sizes from 15 to 20 inches with speed ratings from V, W, and A. However, it comes with an average tread warranty of 50,000 miles.

Direction tread tire for a quiet, smooth ride
Quite pricey
High-sipe density on wet snow

Top Pick for Best Tires for Honda Accord: CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire by Cooper

With all the best Honda Accord tires mentioned in this buying guide, you may not have the time to do all the testing and research. No worries, because this tire buying guide got you covered. Among the top eight best tires for Honda Accord, the CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire takes the number one spot.

Cooper is a tire company with an extensive history of producing high-quality tires, and the CS5 Grand Touring Tire is not an exception. Built for a wide variety of vehicles, the CS5 ranks high for superior all-season performance.

The CS5 contains a next-generation silica tread compound designed to provide superior performance for all road conditions. Cooper used a unique tire technology that gives the CS5 four times as much silica than other traditional tires. As a result, your vehicle will experience reduced braking distance, increased acceleration, lower fuel usage, and better overall traction. 

Furthermore, Cooper utilizes an advanced asymmetric tread pattern to reduce uneven treadwear, making it easier to rotate the tire. It also comes with 3D micro-gauge grooves, enabling the tire to interlock and deliver more stability. It means you get an exceptional performance on any road surface, whether they are wet from rain or snow.  

The Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Tire has available sizes from 15 to 18 inches with a whopping 80,000-mile treadwear warranty.  

Now that you know the best tire for Honda Accord, it’s time to finalize your decision. Which of these high-end tires is the right fit for your vehicle?

Best Brands for Tires for Honda Accord

When buying new tires, vehicle owners often face the struggle of knowing the best tire companies. While this question may be difficult to answer, top tire companies offer several tire products that suit different needs. Here are the top tire brands on the market based on key performance aspects. 


Founded in 1914, Cooper is one of the leading tire brands based in the USA. Originally, Cooper used to specialize in manufacturing repair kits, tire cement, and tire patches. Today, this company has remained dedicated to its purpose of offering high-quality tires at affordable prices. They also lived up to their reputation of providing the latest tire technology in their product line.  

When it comes to tire technology, Cooper ranks high in producing unique tire designs built to last. They worked with talented engineers with specialized skills in creating the best tire tread with superior handling on various road surfaces.  


Goodyear is another trusted American tire company that ranks high among the largest tire manufacturers worldwide. Besides their legendary blimp and close ties with NASCAR, Goodyear is a well-known tire brand for its quality. This concept allowed Goodyear products to be the leading tire brand among everyday commuters and professional racers.

Goodyear has become the preferred tire for NASCAR due to its durable tire products. Their tires can handle high-performing racing vehicles that can travel up to 200mph. They are also praised for their tire’s exceptional wear with outstandingly responsive handling and firm grip. 


Bridgestone came about after two leading tire companies, Firestone and Bridgestone, merged in 1988. This merger between an American and Japanese tire manufacturer led Bridgestone as one of the largest tire companies worldwide.  

Bridgestone has been widely praised for introducing the rayon cord tires and radial tire construction. They have made a reputation among leading tire brands as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the tire industry. Today, Bridgestone devotes itself to promoting corporate responsibility by producing tires using renewable resources with a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

Features to Consider When Buying Tires for Honda Accord (Buyer’s Guide)

Since tires serve as the essential component for your Honda Accord or any vehicle, there are plenty of things you need to consider before buying a full set. In this tire buying guide, it includes the most comprehensive sources to simplify your tire buying decision. Read on to find out the key features of buying tires for your Honda Accord.


Tires vary in the price range. When you visit a tire dealership, they always push you to purchase the most expensive tire model. The truth is, you don’t need to go crazy on buying the most expensive tire you can find. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are an irresponsible car owner for buying affordable tires. 

Your primary concern is the safety feature of the tire. You will have no problem getting to your destination once you found the right tire with a reliable safety rating. 


Since the Honda Accord produces various models for every generation, there may be times that tires may vary according to size. While it is an obvious consideration, always make sure that you buy the right Honda Accord tire size. Getting an improperly sized tire can be a costly mistake you don’t want to commit.


The location and the condition where you often drive is an essential factor when buying new tires. Car owners who often travel in regions with a lot of snow should choose tires with better traction on snow-covered road surfaces. Meanwhile, for those who live in places with plenty of rain showers, you need uniquely-designed tires with exceptional wet traction.

Brand-New or Used

Budget-minded vehicle owners can get easily overwhelmed with brand-new tires that come with a hefty price tag. Those who go for the used route, you need to be careful when picking the right tire. While used products are a great choice for several reasons, they have their fair share of disadvantages. As much as possible, buy tires that are reliable enough to use for a long time.


For over 40 years, the Honda Accord has lived up to its reputation as a genuine innovator in the car industry. It has consistently provided cutting-edge tire technology, safety, reliability, and fuel-efficiency to car buyers.

As a world-class vehicle that embodies confidence and performance, it needs quality tires to keep up with its overall features. You need tires that exhibit exceptional performance, comfort, traction, and treadwear. 

For this tire buying guide, the CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire by Cooper takes the position as the best tire for Honda Accord. Besides its affordable price, this Cooper tire is known for its reliable and economical performance in any circumstances and climates.

The CS5 Grand Touring offers better handling on summer and winter conditions due to its optimized silica compound. It also comes with a unique tread pattern to lessen irregular wear, while the asymmetrical pattern allows the tire to rotate easily from side to side. What’s more, it also comes with micro-gauge grooves that add tread stability for great traction. 

With its affordable price, stabilized tread, and even tire wear, the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire is indeed the best tire for Honda Accord. 

In the end, buying tires for a Honda Accord doesn’t have to be so hard. Hopefully, this Honda Accord tire buying guide made it easier for you to buy new tires. Honda Accord owners who want a blend of the best traction, comfort, and driving experience, you can purchase any of the previously-mentioned Honda Accord tires discussed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is tire pressure so important?

Improper tire pressure can lead to several problems for your tire, such as accelerated and uneven tire wear, poor gas mileage, and structural damage. Properly inflated tires can improve your vehicle’s gas mileage, allowing you to save more money at the gas pump.

Tire manufacturers suggest checking tire inflation before going on a long trip or at least once a month. You should inflate tires based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, which you can find on the vehicle owner’s manual or the door placard. Remember that proper tire and vehicle maintenance is a worthwhile investment as it translates to better driving performance, efficient fuel mileage, and significant cost savings. 

How can I extend my tire’s maximum driving performance and comfort?

As much as possible, check the tire pressure every 3,000 miles or 4,500 km. to keep your vehicle running smoothly and save more gas. Remember that you should only inflate the tires once it cools down. It is usually stated in the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations located on the vehicle owner’s manual or vehicle door placard. Never inflate your tires beyond its maximum limit stamped on its sidewall.

Rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or 10,000 to 13,000 km. to equalize tread wear. You can get your wheel alignment checked as soon as you feel the wheel pulls. You can also check for irregularities in the tread wear, as these indicate potential problems.

How should I prepare my tires and vehicle for a long trip?

Preparation for a long car ride always starts with the tires’ air pressure. Check the tire pressure before going on a trip. According to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, you should only check the tire inflation pressure when it has cooled down. 

Next, check the air filter. In times of a clogged air filter, immediately replace it as it helps improve gas mileage, allowing more fuel savings. Also, check for the spark plugs. Dirty or worn spark plugs may cause misfiring, which leads to fuel wastage. Lastly, don’t forget to check the gas cap. Look for any signs of loose, damaged, or missing gas caps, as it also contributes to inefficient fuel use.   

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