Top 8 Best Tires for GMC Yukon | 2021 Reviews (Michelin)

The GMC Yukon is one of the few truck-based SUVs left in the market. But being truck-based doesn’t make it behind the times. The GMC Yukon offers plenty of towing capacity while also being durable and versatile. These features are great, but the right set of tires can improve them further.Improving the tires on your GMC Yukon would not only ensure that your SUV’s performance is top-notch. Whether you’re driving on the city streets or if you want to nurture the adventurous side in you, having the right set of tires is necessary.

To help you in making this choice, knowing what your options are is important. Here is our compiled list of the best tires in the market for your GMC Yukon.  

Top 8 Best Tires for GMC Yukon Reviewed

  1. Michelin Defender LTX M/S All- Season Radial Tire-275/55R20 113T, Model:4845 – Best Overall
  2. PIRELLI Scorpion STR P275/55R20 111H 275 55 20 (Quantity of 1) – Best Value
  3. Dick Cepek Extreme Country All-Terrain Ra dial Tire - 35X12.50R15LT 113Q – Editor’s Choice
  4. Mickey Thompson Baja ATZP3 All-Terrain Radial Tire - LT315/70R17 121Q
  5. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial - LT235/75R15 104Q
  6. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire P285/45R22 110
  7. Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial Tire - 245/65R17 111H
  8. Hankook Dynapro HP2 All-Season Radial Tire -255/50R20 109V

#1. Michelin Defender LTX M/S All- Season Radial Tire-275/55R20 113T, Model:4845 – Best Overall

Michelin Defender LTX

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 2,535 lbs. 
  • Light Truck, SUV & Crossover Tire
  • Long wear life & great comfort
  • Excellent wet & snow traction
  • 70,000-mile treadwear warranty

The Michelin Defender LTX has always been a solid choice for Full-size SUVs. This tire is specifically made for these sports utility vehicles. It boasts a sleek design and is paired with a rugged tread. It is also versatile and durable. Moreover, Michelin also assures a long tread life for the tires. 

All these make the tire a great performing tire. Among its many features is its great stopping type. However, its best quality is that it may be driven in almost any weather with guaranteed reliability. This tire is great for your everyday drives on your GMC Yukon. 

The only issue with it is that it, reportedly, heats up quicker than other tires in this category. Also, it is more expensive than other tires on the list. However, it should last you a long time with proper care and make your money worth it.

If you want a reliable tire for your GMC Yukon, the Michelin Defender LTX tires will be great for you. 

Handles better than most on light snowDoes not do well in heavy snow
Has great stopping time and distanceTends to feel stiff after wear
Handles well on wet surfacesTends to heat up quickly
Has a long-lasting tread life

#2. PIRELLI Scorpion STR P275/55R20 111H 275 55 20 (Quantity of 1) – Best Value

Firestone All-Season Radial Tire

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 2,403 lbs. 
  • Speed Rating: H
  • UTQG: 520 A-A
  • Treadwear indicator

The Scorpion STR all-season tire from Pirelli is designed for drivers of full-size SUVs. They are capable of pulling loads while still being able to perform well all-year-round. They offer great quality and comfort while driving. Being an all-season tire, it is unexpectedly good at occasionally going off-road on grass, dirt, and other light terrains.

This tire offers great wet and dry grip is very good among tires in its class. Winter traction is a bit lacking, but the steering is crisp and will make you feel safe on the road. However, it is still comparatively better than the other tires in this category.

An issue with them is that it has road noise after wear. It also has issues with tread life, which is unexpected from a high-end tire. 

Overall, this tire ranks highly for the best fit for the GMC Yukon. Highly recommended.

Great cornering throughout all speedsSlight noise after wear at higher speeds
Ride is comfortable and quietTread life needs improvement
Great all-season tractionUnreliable handling on snow
Great steering

#3. Dick Cepek Extreme Country All-Terrain Ra dial Tire - 35X12.50R15LT 113Q – Editor’s Choice

Dick Cepek Extreme Country All-Terrain

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 2,535 lbs. 
  • Excellent traction and long life
  • Two-Ply Next Generation High Tensile enhances sidewall strength 
  • Ultimate off-road traction and self-cleaning ability
  • Added durability without the added weight

The Dick Cepek Extreme Country is the company’s latest All-terrain tire that was developed as the replacement for the Crusher and Fun Country models. It’s built to deliver maximum performance and traction on almost any terrain.  It has great handling, a long tread life, and provide for even tread wear. For an all-terrain tire, this is a great choice for your GMC Yukon.

These tires are designed to throw away debris that gets stuck to it making its traction better than most in all types of terrain. The durability of the tire has warranted, and no complaints regarding this have been received thus far. 

Aside from its traction on hard-pack and ice, this tire’s performance is consistent. For a big tire, the Dick Cepek Extreme Country is comfortable and quiet. Even comparable to bigger brand name models. It is usually difficult to be the successor of two great tires, but the Extreme Country All-Terrain Tire pulled it off.

Overall, this tire will fit your GMC Yukon well, especially if you enjoy weekend drives on dirt, mud, sand, and rock, but also enjoy driving in the city with equal comfort.

Has solid protection against punctures and bruisesDifficulty on hard-pack and ice
Great overall off-road performance
Thicker treads and longer tread life
Great stone ejector grooves 
Tires are easy to align

#4. Mickey Thompson Baja ATZP3 All-Terrain Radial Tire - LT315/70R17 121Q

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZP3 All-Terrain

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 3,197 lbs. 
  • New compound with improved cut and chip protection
  • Deep, aggressive side biters for improved protection
  • Multi-draft grooves for self-cleaning and improved wear
  • PowerPly 3-ply sidewall construction

With an ambitious goal of making a tire that does well on rugged terrain, all types of weather conditions, and great performance on the open road, Mickey Thompson made the Baja ATZP3 All-terrain Radial Tire did just that.  Designed to traverse almost any terrain, this makes it a great tire for your GMC Yukon.

Most all-terrain tires have their flaws, but you would be hard-pressed to find any on this model. It performs very well and to an extremely high standard regardless of the situation. It handles itself well in any terrain while also being great in the streets. Its tread life is better than most from its class.  

Although, complaints about its sidewall being dented by rough riding have been received. Also, it would have ranked higher in this list had it been available in more sizes. 

Overall, this is a great tire for your GMC Yukon, Especially if you plan on carrying heavier loads such as trailers and campers. A very good tire that delivers in most areas.

Impressive technology to deal with all driving conditions and surfacesSidewalls splitting for some drivers
Durable and can be used all year roundNeeds more available sizes
Great for serious off-road driving

#5. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial - LT235/75R15 104Q

Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 3,640 lbs. 
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Speed rating: Q
  • Treadwear indicator
  • UTQG: 500 B B 
  • Load Index rating: 104

A usual candidate for big SUVs from Goodyear, the Wrangler DuraTrac has a very wide and aggressive looking tread. This tire also has the highest load capacity and the heaviest among the tires on this list. Its size aids in making them the most durable tires on the list.

Its size ensures a great ride even on rougher surfaces.  They tested well on almost all surfaces. They do well in dry, wet, and snowy conditions. A tough and durable tire will nurture your most adventurous side without any issues.  

For traversing rougher terrain, its self-cleaning feature makes it better at retaining traction. It boasts additional strength and reduced stopping time, ensuring your safety. Its durability also resists chipping, chunking, and tearing as you drive.

An issue with it is that it resists instantaneous acceleration from time to time. Also, as expected of a big all-terrain tire, it produces a little road noise. 

Overall, the Wrangler DuraTrac is a great tire for your GMC Yukon if you want to go on adventures in the country-side or love going off-road. And to make full use of this tire, attaching a trailer would make your SUV truly shine. 

High-angled and has a thick center treadMay have problems when accelerating
Self-cleaning as you driveMinimal but noticeable road noise
High carrying capacityHeavier than most in the market
Great all-terrain tire
Very  durable

#6. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire P285/45R22 110

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza All-Season Tire

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 2,337 lbs. 
  • Engineered for safety and comfort 
  • Great performance in dry and wet weather
  • Smooth and quiet ride

The Bridgestone made the Dueler HL Alenza series, is currently the top in the SUV tire game industry. It is the best tire choice for a majority of SUVs in 2020. The many positive reviews about it cement its place in today’s SUV tire market. 

This tire has enough sizes to fit your GMC Yukon comfortably. Its design is also a great fit for the GMC Yukon by giving it a balanced and neutral look. The Dueler HL Alenza also provides your SUV with a comfortable ride throughout the lifespan of your tires. 

Its treads were designed to work well on most road conditions. It boasts improved traction, making it excellent for driving on wet and dry conditions as well as being decent on rougher terrain for an all-season tire. 

Although, according to reviews, its performance drops after 40,000 miles. It also has issues with ice and snow, which is common for all-season tires. 

Overall, the Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Radial Tire is a great choice for your GMC Yukon.

Has no noticeable road noiseNot great in snow
Has great stopping timeHeavy and bulky
Has great tread designShort tread life

#7. Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial Tire - 245/65R17 111H

Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 2,403 lbs. 
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Speed rating: h
  • UTQG: 740 AA
  • Treadwear indicator

Another entry from Pirelli, known as the high-end tires manufacturer and for their commitment to being environmentally friendly. Like the previous tire from them, Its Scorpion Verde Season Plus will also be a great addition to your GMC Yukon. 

This tire improves your fuel efficiency. Its low rolling resistance feature will be great for city driving on your GMC Yukon. The Scorpion Verde’s asymmetrical tread was designed to ensure a comfortable ride for you throughout the year. They were made to perform well in wet and dry conditions and are considerably better than most others in snow.

It handles best on dry roads. Also, it cornering performance deserved praise for being generally better than the others on the list. It has quick and responsive steering, maintains great stability throughout its speed range, and great stopping time. These are the reasons why it makes it the best tires for hotter climates.

However, they have an issue with treadwear and noise. The wear becomes noticeable before 32,000 miles. Wherein its performance drops. It also produces more noise at higher speeds after the tread wears.

Overall, if you get past these issues, this should be a great addition to your GMC Yukon. 

Manufactured to be environmentally friendly May not last as long as other tires
Lighter than most in its categoryMakes road noise at high speeds
Improves your gas mileage

#8. Hankook Dynapro HP2 All-Season Radial Tire -255/50R20 109V

Hankook Dynapro HP2 All-Season

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  • Fit type: vehicle-specific
  • Load capacity: 2,271 lbs. 
  • Excellent wet and dry traction
  • Speed rating: V
  • UTQG: 640 A A 
  • Load Index rating: 109

Hankook’s entry is the improved Dynapro HP tire. It boasts improved traction, handling, comfort, and tread life created for both crossovers and SUVs. It’s designed to offer great year-round drivability for town strolls and high speed driving on highways regardless of weather conditions.

The designs on the exterior of the tire will also fit your GMC Yukon and will add to its overall aesthetics.  With how its treads were made, it is meant to perform well as a great all-season tire. Hankook also offers different warranties for this product. Aside from a 65,000-mile tread life warranty is guaranteed by Hankook and also gives you a road hazard warranty for one year. 

Although an issue with this tire is its performance on wet surfaces after wearing, some users also reposted problems with cornering, which is understandable for a tire not designed for high-performance driving.

Overall, Hankook has made this tire into a great all-season tire that can go head to head with the other SUV tires in today’s market. While some improvements may be done to it, it is still a great choice for the new set of tires on your GMC Yukon.

Better winter performance than mostWet traction needs improvements.
Dry traction, handling, and brakingStiffer drive on rougher surfaces.
Has a long tread lifeNot available in some states
Delivers good comfortIssues with hard cornering

Top Pick Section

The top tire for your GMC Yukon is the Michelin Defender LTX. It may not be the top tire of this year’s SUV market; it is the best for your Yukon. It may not be the cheapest around, but the value it offers for you in terms of reliability and performance is top-notch. They also guarantee comfort and enhanced control on different road conditions compared to other tires.

The reliability of the Michelin name is also a plus; its offer of different warranties is enough to sway you to choose the Defender LTX for your GMC Yukon. Also, its size availability is a huge plus.

Its sleek design is paired with a rugged tread design, making it a balanced tire. It has great stopping time and reliability to be driven on different road conditions. These are what edges it from the competition, further cementing its place as the best-fit tires for your GMC Yukon.

Overall, this makes it the best choice for your GMC Yukon and is sure to satisfy your needs. Highly recommended. 

Best of Tire Brands for GMC Yukon

Different manufacturers are vying for the title of the best in the SUV market. With a near over-saturation of offered tires, with some being household names and others being new upstarts. Regardless of their names, knowing the manufacturer where these tires come from is important. These are the current top tire manufacturers in today’s market. 


Michelin has always been among the top title brands in the tire industry. The French manufacturer founded the company in 1889. They are credited for inventing the radial tire, which has become the standard in the tire industry. Their treadwear is always warranted by the company making the quality reliable and ensures they last long. An issue with the brand may be their higher price, but buying them is guaranteed worth the money you pay. 


An Italian brand known for producing higher-end tires, especially for Formula 1 race cars, also offers great tires for SUVs. They offer a stylish and comfortable ride but currently have tread life issues due to their commitment to being environmentally friendly. Although these tires may be high-end, it would be wrong to assume that all their tires are expensive. If you want great high-performance tires, Pirelli may be the best choice of tires for you. 


An American tire manufacturer, it specializes in making tires for automobiles and trucks.  Their huge portfolio of the brand ensures that you get the right tires for your SUV. These tires have plenty of performance options per tires and are affordable. A problem to consider, though, is that they’re not easy to buy online, and they are inconsistent when tested.


Goodyear is a multinational tire manufacturer established in Ohio over a hundred years ago. They are among the few manufacturers who are capable of producing tubeless tires. They also have a big offering of tires from motorcycles to heavy machinery. They usually offer free shipping, higher average tread-life warranties, and plenty of tire sizes for each of their models. Although their winter tires rarely share these features. They are also comparatively more expensive than others. 


Yokohama is on this list because of its tires’ great performance, especially the grip on both wet and dry conditions. Established in 1917, A Japanese tire manufacturing company also excels in producing tubeless tires. Their desire to bring the tire technologies on the race tracks to everyday roads makes their product great performance tires. They’re the best in making tires that excel in turning while also running smoothly on straights. A problem may be their slower heat dissipation on some tires.

Tire Types for SUVs

What exactly do you need for your GMC Yukon? Do you need an all-season tire for your daily drives or a snow tire for coming winters? Knowing what each tire is made for will help you decide which set is best suited for your needs. 

All-Season tires

These tires are handy and capable. They are the most commonly used tires on the road. They were designed to provide a comfortable ride for all four seasons. They are the best when driving on both dry and wet surfaces. These qualities make them a great all-year-round tire. Although they’re not the most versatile, they are usually the best choice for casual drivers.

Mud tires

These mud tires are meant for mud, dirt, sludge, and water driving. They function on these terrains better than any other tires. Their heaviness and heft would also fit right into your GMC Yukon. They have added capabilities on rougher terrain and can also pull the bigger weights than others in varying terrain. All these make it into a great choice for your SUV.

Snow tires

Having snow tires on your wheels would be your best bet on driving well for those who live in snowy regions. It may be so that it can’t get you past snowbanks; they will still help your GMC Yukon drive and handle snowy surfaces. They let you maneuver safely and more effectively.  This additional functionality is a great fit for your SUV on snowy days.  Just be sure to switch them out when winters end.

All-terrain tires

The combination between the reliable all-season tires and the handy mud tires are these. They offer a balance between versatility to drive on almost all terrains. These qualities make it a great addition to your GMC Yukon. These tires usually come with an aggressive-looking design that would fit your full-size SUV well. Moreover, doing well on these terrain warrants consideration when choosing your next set of tires. 


The GMC Yukon is one of the best full-size SUVs out there. This vehicle is designed to consistently performs better than most and has been doing well in the market. Its recognizability is also among its best qualities.

Boasting one of the biggest cargo capacities in the market is thanks to its truck-based design. And with such a great SUV, it requires the best set of tires. If you need a high-performance tire that would serve you well in any season, you should consider getting tires from this list.

With that said, we stand by our choice of the Michelin Defender LTX as the best tire for your GMC Yukon. This tire is the best choice to ensure that you can enjoy the high performing vehicle that is your SUV.

This review has brought you deeper into the GMC Yukon tire market, and it listed different choices. But, the Michelin Defender just edges out the competition in terms of overall driving experience. It offers great comfort, durability, versatility, and tread life for a great price. It also has great reviews from its users and consistent quality throughout.

Finding a great tire isn’t as easy as you think. It requires research, patience, and information. Knowing where to look is important. This list is here to ensure that it helps you choose which tire is the best fit for your GMC Yukon. Hopefully, this has been very helpful. Just keep in mind that there are many tires in the market, but true reliability comes with time and the users’ trust, and Michelin’s Defender LTX has these and more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I use different sized tires for my SUV?

Auto experts recommend we should use the same size of tires to get the most out of your car’s performance. Using a different set of tires usually leads to stability and handling issues. However, some vehicles come with different sized tires, so be sure to check your user’s manual just to be certain.

Are all-season tires good for snow?

All-season tires work well on areas with mild weather changes. Some all-season tires may handle light snow, but it is best to get snow tires for winters. Living in colder areas is reason enough to buy snow tires instead of all-season tires to ensure your safety on the road.

Why is air pressure important?

Aside from keeping your tire from deforming, the air pressure in it also ensures that it can carry the loads it should efficiently. Having the correct air pressure in your tires helps them to last longer, helps your car handle better, ensures that it’s safer, and helps you save money on fuel.

What do I need to change my tires?

If you ever find yourself needing a change of tires while on the road, you need several tools to do it. You need a jack, a lug wrench with a socket on one end and a pry bar at the other, and a spare tire. It would also be great to have a wheel lock, extension bars for lowering the spare, and alignment studs. Also, knowing how to change your tires is necessary. It would be best to prepare for the situation.

Why do front tires wear faster than rare tires?

Tires do not wear at the same rate. The rate at which the tires wear is decided by how many times they aren’t parallel with the direction wherein you’re driving. This reason is why the front tires wear faster because they are the ones that are responsible for making the vehicle turn.

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