Top 8 Best Tires for Dodge Charger ǀ 2021 Reviews (Yokohama)

Getting the best tires for your Dodge Charger is a step-up on your car’s overall performance while on or off the road. Tires are more than black bands made of rubber for appearance. It does the dirty job you’re your car, which involves driving through dirt, gravel, and even snow and ice. Selecting the right wheels for your car ensures your safety and comfort while driving and improve its fuel efficiency.

Tires look different from the other, although subtly most of the time. However, they hugely differ in functionality and performance. That includes their mileage and how they perform on the road, depending on the terrain or weather. If it’s too much a bother to check out every essential feature that you should consider when buying the best tires for your Dodge Charger, we’ve created a summary list of our best pick products for you.

Top 8 Best Tires for Dodge Charger Reviewed

  1. Yokohama Avid Ascend – Best Overall
  2. Nokian Entyre 2.0 – Best Value
  3. General Antimax RT43 – Editor’s Choice
  4. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring
  5. BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2
  6. Firestone Firehawk Indy 500
  7. Dunlop Signature HP
  8. Continental ExtremeContact Sport

#1. Yokohama Avid Ascend – Best Overall

Yokohama Avid Ascend

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  • Size – 215/55R17
  • Load Capacity – 1477 pounds
  • Tread Depth – 12 32nds
  • Construction – Radial 
  • Speed Rating – V (149 mph)
  • Rim Diameter – 17 inches
  • Section Width – 215 mm
  • UTQG – 740AA
  • 85,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Low rolling resistance

Yokohama, a Japanese tire brand, has been manufacturing world-quality wheels since 1917. Now, with a century of background in the business, it’s apparent that Yokohama tires know how to deliver each driver’s needs. It’s also why our top pick for the best tires for Dodge Charger is from the brand, particularly the Yokohama Avid Ascend.

It’s a touring all-season tire that utilizes the latest technology used in tire manufacturing, including the Orange Oil technology. Yokohama designed it to perform in all weathers and on most terrains with excellent all-year traction and extended tread life. Driving your Dodge Charger with a set of this radial tire will also save you money. The Yokohama Avid Ascend has much lower rolling resistance than most wheels, which give you better fuel mileage.

This product also features larger tread blocks outside of the shoulders, giving it a much better cornering and traction on dry road surfaces. Its tread block bridges are also effective for reducing tread noise and improving the tire’s stability. It guarantees a quiet ride, especially with the multi-pitch tread design.

On the other hand, this radial tire from Yokohama also performs well on wet roadways and snow areas. It has four circumferential grooves with 3D sipes for improved traction and overall performance on this condition. The sipes’ biting edges also enhance the tire’s grip on snow- and ice-covered roadways.

Overall, the Yokohama Avid Ascend is a competent all-season tire that performs impressively on all road conditions.

One of the quietest touring tires for dodge chargerSofter sidewall in its class
Excellent traction on wet, dry, and snow roadways
Outstanding tread life and warranty
Excellent fuel mileage

#2. Nokian Entyre 2.0 – Best Value

Nokian Entyre 2.0

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  • Size – 205/65R15
  • Load Capacity – 1709 pounds
  • Tread Depth – 11 32nds
  • Construction – Radial 
  • Speed Rating – H (130 mph)
  • Rim Diameter – 15 inches
  • Section Width – 205 mm
  • 100% HA-free
  • Low rolling resistance
  • All-season M+S rating

Nokian is primarily known for its impressive lineup of winter tires, but that isn’t the only thing that the brand offers. Its Nokian Entyre 2.0, in particular, isn’t only excellent for winter use. The brand designed it with the needed traction to perform superbly all-year-round. Plus, it comes with impressive handling to give you a comfortable and smooth ride. 

The Nokian Entyre 2.0’s impressive all-season performance is mostly thanks to the brand’s latest high modulus tread design. It uses a compound combined with silica for a smoother yet sportier driving experience. This all-new tread compound also gives the tire maximum handling on dry pavement. You can also expect the same impressive performance even if the road gets wet, thanks to the tire’s unique lateral grooves. It stores more water between the road and the tire, and the polished main grooves greatly improve its water flow for less hydroplaning. 

Safety and comfort are paramount for Nokian tires, and you can see that from the Entyre 2.0’s silent sidewall technology. Its unique groove design reduces road noise levels and guaranteed comfortable all-season driving. It’s an excellent choice if you are in the market for a premium touring tire for your Dodge Charger.

Excellent traction, handling, and braking on dry terrainsWet handling needs improvement
Above-average snow performance
Smooth and comfortable ride
Fantastic tread life

#3. General Antimax RT43 – Editor’s Choice

General Antimax RT43

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  • Size – 175/65R14
  • Load Capacity – 1047 pounds
  • Tread Depth – 11 millimeters
  • Construction – Radial 
  • Speed Rating – T (118 mph)
  • Rim Diameter – 14 inches
  • Section Width – 175 mm
  • With tread wear indicator
  • Anti-slip design technology
  • Low surface abrasion technology
  • Black sidewall

The original Altimax RT tire was a great choice for many sedans, coupes, and crossovers, but the updated General Altimax RT43 is even better. It has improved performance and capabilities, starting from the all-season traction down to the extended tread life. 

The secret to this tire’s solid performance is the high-tech tread compound featuring twin-cushion silica and its symmetric tread design. Plus, General equipped it with the new peak anti-slip sipe design that further improves its traction on dry and wet surfaces. It guaranteed enhanced ride comfort no matter the season. The added four circumferential grooves on this model also increased its wet road performance, much better than the original Altimax RT. Plus, the extra sipes give it a much better grip for a safe and comfortable driving experience on snow-covered roadways.

General also equipped it with a polyester cord body with two steel belts for extra durability and strength, giving it an above-average tread life than any tire model in its class. Overall, it’s the best all-season tire that money can buy, a strong competitor of more premium and highly expensive tire brands and models. 

Massive 75,000-mile treadwear warranty
Nothing disappointing
Fantastic wet and dry traction
Excellent tread life
Comfortable ride

#4. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

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  • Size – 235/60R18
  • Load Capacity – 1929 pounds
  • Tread Depth – 10.5 32nds
  • Construction – Radial 
  • Speed Rating – V (149 mph)
  • Rim Diameter – 18 inches
  • Section Width – 235 mm
  • 70,000 miles treadwear warranty
  • Run-flat feature
  • Patented STABILEDGE technology
  • Special 3D Micro-Gauge sipes

If you want performance and longevity, Cooper creates some of the best tires for Dodge Charger, especially if you require a reliable touring tire. The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tire is one of the latest from the brand and arguably one of Copper’s best.

It uses a new generation of tread compound that uses around four times more silica material than tires from other brands. The additional silica component aims to increase the tire’s grip on dry and wet road surfaces, including snow-covered roadways. It also helps that the tire comes with 3D micro-gauge grooves for extra traction and stability, the real strength of this tire model.

This product’s most notable feature is its STABILEDGE, a patented technology that guarantees consistently responsive steering throughout the tire’s speed range. Moreover, it comes with Wear Square technology, a unique visual tread wear indicator, so that you can quickly identify how many miles are left for your tire.

Overall, the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring radial tire delivers excellent value for the money, one of the best-performing touring tires comparable to premium and much pricier brands and models.

Remarkable value and performance for the price tag
Ice and snow traction need improvement
Impressive traction on a range of road surfaces
Comfortable and smooth ride quality
Excellent tread life and warranty

#5. BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2

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  • Size – 235/50R18
  • Load Capacity – 1609 pounds
  • Construction – Radial 
  • Speed rating – Z (over 149 mph)
  • Rim Diameter – 18 inches
  • Section Width – 235 mm
  • With tread wear indicator
  • Black sidewall exterior

The original series of Sport Comp-2 tires from BFGoodrich was good, but this lineup’s new generation tire brings performance and comfort on summer driving to the next level. If you are looking for the best tires for Dodge Charger to bring out your car’s capabilities, the g-Force Sport Comp-2 tire is your best bet.

BFGoodrich designed this tire model to provide maximum performance for all drivers who needs something more out of their vehicles. This product’s design improvements start from its enhanced silica compound to deliver a sticker grip, reduced tread wear, and overall longer service life.

The tire’s Performance Racing Core and silica compound also work together for better wet-pavement handling. This tire can give up to 30% wet traction and 8% dry traction than the original Sport Comp-2 tire. This model’s newest technology is another notable feature, using g-Control Sidewall Inserts and g-Hooks for improved cornering angle and grip. The dual high-tensile steel belts wrapped in nylon on the tire’s internal structure also give it more durability and strength, even for higher speeds.

Overall, the g-Force Sport Comp-2 is the best tires for Dodge Charger if you want a more spirited driving experience. 

Above-average steering handling and response
Gets noisy as the tread wears
Excellent traction on wet pavements
Glue-like grip for cornering
Best value for the money

#6. Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

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  • Size – 255/35R18
  • Load Capacity – 1477 pounds
  • Tread Depth – 10 32nds
  • Construction – Radial
  • Speed rating – W (168 mph)
  • Rim Diameter – 9 inches
  • Section Width – 255 mm
  • 20% shorter stopping distance
  • Pulse groove channel
  • Wider shoulders

The Firehawk Indy 500 is one of the newest radial tires from Firestone, its ultra-high-performance summer tire for your Dodge Charger. It came after the decent Wide Oval Indy 500, delivering a much favorable performance for all types of sports cars, sedans, and coupes. Firestone equipped this radial tire with a race-inspired technology to provide the best performance on the road, especially during the summer. 

This model’s standout functions are its cornering performance and above-average traction levels, one of the best in its class. It combines Long Link Carbon technology and a silica-enhanced tread compound to boost the tire’s handling and traction. Plus, the aggressive yet attractive asymmetric tread design makes it more stable and grippier, even at higher speeds. Meanwhile, it has a continuous center rib that greatly enhanced the steering response.

While this tire model gets rated for its high summer performance, it still delivers fantastic work during winter, thanks to its latest Pulse Groove Technology that delivers excellent wet traction. Meanwhile, the dual belts made from high-tensile steel with polyester covering provides lasting durability and strength. 

Overall, the Firehawk Indy 500 gives you the best summer performance at a more affordable price, similar to what pricier models can bring. 

Excellent performance for its price range
Not for winter conditions
Excellent stability and cornering grip
Outstanding wet and dry traction
Surprisingly quiet ride

#7. Dunlop Signature HP

Dunlop Signature HP

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  • Size – 235/45R17SL
  • Load Capacity – 1477 pounds
  • Tread Depth – 10 32nds
  • Construction – Radial 
  • Speed Rating – W (168 mph)
  • Rim Diameter – 17 inches
  • Section Width – 235 mm
  • Bolt pattern

The latest tire release from Dunlop, the Signature HP radial tire, is the brand’s latest high-performance all-season tire. It’s perfect to get if you want to squeeze out the best performance from your Dodge Charger. 

This tire model boasts longer lasting tread life and more responsive handling than most tires in its class. It features an enhanced asymmetric tread design coupled with an all-season tread compound for optimum handling, braking, and traction on dry road surfaces. The continuous center ribs and larger shoulder blocks also guarantee better steering response and handling, the things you would expect from a top-notch UHP model.

Meanwhile, the four circumferential grooves work impressively at reducing hydroplaning. Driving on snow- and ice-covered roadways wouldn’t be an issue either, thanks to the tire’s extra sipes and unique tread pattern. Plus, the tire stands out in wet braking, guaranteeing your safety while winter driving. 

Driving on and off the road is also as comfortable as ever with the reduced road-noise, thanks to the tire’s contoured edges. Dunlop also gave it dual high-density steel belts, and the result is an extremely durable and robust high-performance all-season radial tire for your Dodge Charger.

Stable cornering and responsive steering
Winter performance could improve
Excellent wet and dry traction
Even treadwear
Quiet ride

#8. Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

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  • Size – 265/35ZR19
  • Load Capacity – 1477 pounds
  • Tread Depth – 10 32nds
  • Construction – Radial 
  • Rim Diameter – 19 inches
  • Section Width – 265 mm
  • Universal fit

Continental is a famous tire manufacturer for a reason, and, understandably, one of its products make the cut on our list of best tires for Dodge Charger. The ExtremeContact Sport radial tire from Continental is our favorite high-performing model from the brand. It comes with one of the most advanced technologies in tread compounds to guarantee the best summer performance.

This model boasts Continental’s patented +Silane technology coupled with the 6-rib asymmetric tread design for extra handling and traction on wet and dry road settings. The brand also brings out its exclusive SportPlus technology to give this one a comfortable driving feel with a quicker steering response. It may not be the most affordable tire model, but it delivers consistent maximum performance on the road.

Remarkable braking, traction, and acceleration in dry and wet conditionsNot for winter or cold weather conditions
Comfortable ride without much noise
Extreme cornering stability and grip
Quick and precise steering

Top Pick 

Yokohama Avid Ascend

Yokohama is an extremely reputable brand in the tire industry, and its century-worth of experience in manufacturing high-performing tires help boost its reputation in the business. Its Avid Ascend model, in particular, is our top one recommendation for the best tires for Dodge Charger.

It got everything you need to keep your car performing excellently and safely for a long time and under all weather conditions. It’s comfortable to handle even under heavy rains or on snow-covered roadways.

Best Tires for Dodge Charger Brands

If you are looking for the best quality tires for Dodge Charger, check out some of our favorite tire brands and manufacturers.


Yokohama is a Japanese tire brand that opened its business in 1917 but continued to gain worldwide success, especially after expanding in the US market in 1969. It’s among our top favorites for many reasons. For one, it has impressive technology and performance for a smooth and swift ride. It’s no wonder why the brand became a Premier League club’s main sponsor in Chelsea during the 2015-2016 season. It’s also the official tire supplier for other famous racing events like Formula Nippon in Japan, World Championship, and IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge.

Nokian Tyres

This Finland-based brand is a strong competitor in the northernmost part of the world but is also a top favorite for car owners looking for a winter-specific tire. The brand offers high-quality tires that provide the utmost performance and safety in all weather conditions. Nokian tires can handle heavy summer rains to winter blizzards without any hassle. 

General Tires

General Tires started in 1915 but became the umbrella brand under the equally famous but much larger Continental tire brand. It’s an affordable tire brand opposite of the premium price tag you can find in Continental’s range. However, the difference between the quality and performance of the two is blurry. General Tires gave excellent road test periods, brought by its industry experience for over 100 years.

Cooper Tires

Cooper is another favorite tire brand with a huge portfolio of excellent automobile and truck tires. Its products meet current driver’s needs, especially in terms of excellent performance for a competitive price. Cooper tires are well-known for having excellent tread life warranties and plenty of performance options depending on the tire size. They are also among the most affordable tire options in the market, although it might be a bit difficult to find its complete tire model list online. 

What to Consider When Buying Tires for Dodge Charger (Buying Guide)

Our review of the best tires for Dodge Charger above should give you tons of incredible options for buying replacement tires.

Driving Style

Your driving style matters when buying the best tires for Dodge Charger. If you know what you need from a tire, you can find a model and brand that delivers what you’re looking for.

For instance, if your priority is getting maximum response and comfort, touring tires will give you an excellent grip and a softer driving experience on wet and dry road surfaces. Meanwhile, if you require optimum performance from car tires, you can find high-performance models with impressive traction on all terrain types and speeds.

Road Type

Another consideration when buying the best tires for Dodge Charger is road type or where you constantly drive. A regular car tire should do if you are only driving on the road or paved roadways. However, if you often go off-roading, consider getting light-truck or all-terrain tires as they have sufficient grip and traction to handle uneven surfaces.

Tire Type

You can see the tire type from the first letter written on the tire code. The letter “P” is for passenger tires, a regular wheel that fits most passenger cars. “LT” means it’s for light trucks, a tire type designed with improved load-carrying capabilities. There is also the “ST” type or special trailers, which are tires built with thicker sidewalls to carry more massive vertical loads. Lastly, the “T” is for temporary or spare tires.

However, you can further categorize tires as all-season, all-season performance, ultra-high-performance, and winter and snow tires. 

All-season tires usually have rim widths between 14 to 18 inches and deliver maximum comfort and grip all-year-round. They also have some of the longer lifespans with speed ratings from 112 to 118 mph and can go up to 100,000 miles.

All-season performance tires, on the other hand, provides improved handling and traction for all-year use. They usually have slightly higher speed ratings between 130 to 149 mph but lower mileage of up to 80,000. Most all-season performance tires range from 15 to 20 inches in rim width.

Meanwhile, ultra-high-performance tires give an excellent performance no matter the weather. They usually perform better in winter and snowy road settings than the two mentioned above. This tire type comes in 17 to 22 inches rim diameters with up to 60,000 mileage and can run on either 149, 168, or 186 mph.

Lastly, winter and snow tires deliver optimum performance on icy surfaces. They come in sizes from 14 to 22 inches with a speed rating that starts from 99 mph. However, there is no precise mileage rating for this tire type. Winter and snow tires provide maximum grip, cornering, and braking performance on wet and snow surfaces.

Tire Size

When replacing your car’s tires, it’s essential to use the correct tire size. If you know the ideal car sizes for your Dodge Charger, it’s much easier to find tires that you can use. You can easily see the tire code etched on the sidewall, where you can then see the tire size. 

For example, a tire code of 225/65R17 means that the tire has a tread width of 225mm, aspect ratio, and 17-inch rim diameter. 

The tread width indicates the size of the sidewall from edge to edge. Meanwhile, the aspect ratio represents the relation between the tire’s section width and section height. A lower aspect ratio means the tire has better steering capability. Lastly, the rim diameter determines the wheel diameter.

Internal Construction

The tire code also indicates the internal construction of a wheel. You may see it as either “R,” “B,” or “-,” written after the tire’s aspect ratio. 

The letter “R” is for Radial, the latest tire construction that became well-known in the industry for the last 25 years. Radial tires use steel, nylon cords, or other nylon materials as reinforcement designed in a radial pattern and placed under the tread. 

“B” is for Bias-Belt, a tire construction type that puts a belt-like reinforcement below the tread. Tires with bias-belt internal construction provide a much smoother and more comfortable ride.

Lastly, “-” indicates that the tire has a Bias-ply internal construction. It’s when there are diagonal cords placed below the tread, which gives you a rougher ride. Some tire models will also feature a letter “D,” similar to a Bias-ply construction.

Speed Rating

Speed ratings define the maximum speed a tire can go safely and its overall potential performance. You can see the tire’s speed rating expressed as a letter following the tire size. It ranges from L to Y or from 75mph to 186mph. A tire with a higher speed rating is usually a high-performing one. 

Fuel Economy

Different tire types and models can deliver a difference in fuel usage from 15 to 20%, giving maximum savings if you choose the best tires for Dodge Charger. There are a few things that make a tire fuel-efficient. You can look for a model with low rolling resistance or has a fuel efficiency grade from the manufacturer.

Run-Flat Tire

If you want to get the most out of your investment in the best tires for Dodge Charger, you can consider getting a tire model with some excellent features like run-flat capability. It means that the tire can drive short distances at low speed even if it’s flat or has a puncture. It’s an incredible feature to have if you happen to get a flat in the middle of the highway. You can either drive home if it’s near or simply drive to the side of the road where you can safely replace the flat with your spare tire.


Road noise isn’t something that most drivers take into consideration when buying new and replacement tires. However, it should be a factor to consider if you want to ensure that you don’t add to the noise pollution while on the road. Plus, road noise can be a bother if you’re driving with the hood or the window down.


You need to be wise in selecting the best tires for Dodge Charger, especially if you want the best product that your money can purchase. The right tire will ensure your car runs safely no matter the road consequences. Plus, it also affects your comfort and savings while driving.

Choosing the best tires for Dodge Charger is no easy task, but this guide should make your purchase much easier and more informed. If you want reliable performance, we can’t stop recommending the Yokohama Avid Ascend radial tire for its impressive overall design and performance. It’s the best choice to enhance the power of your Dodge Charger on the road, no matter the terrain or the weather.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What tire size fits my Dodge Charger?

It depends. Different Dodge Charger models have varying specifications, and that includes their ideal tire size. Dodge Charger models from 2000 up to 2020 are usually compatible with 17 to 20-inches rim sizes, while the 1980s models have smaller 13 to 15-inches rim diameter. It’s critical to check your car first before buying the best tires for Dodge Charger.

What is the load rating for tires for Dodge Charger?

Load rating or the load index defines the amount of load or weight a tire can carry. Take note that the load index you can find equates to one tire only, so you need to multiply it to four to get the full weight that a car can hold. 

What is the tire’s treadwear rating?

Treadwear info estimates the number of miles that the tire can handle before it starts to wear out. You can find a tire’s treadwear rating on the sidewall. A higher treadwear rating means that the tire will most likely last longer than those with lower ratings. It’s an ideal gauge of the tire’s potential tread life or its expected longevity.

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