Top 7 Best Tires for BMW 3 Series | 2020 Reviews (Goodyear)

Whether you drive it daily or during weekends, the BMW 3 Series is a hoot to drive. It’s excellent build quality and made with sport in mind. You may or may not be able to notice it, but your car’s tires shed more quickly than an average economy car. You might wonder why and know the answer at the same time.Recent models of the 3 Series are equipped with run-flat tires. You may stick to the manufacturer’s tires or may graduate from the run-flat tires if you want lightweight tires for your car.

The BMW 3 Series has a different set of wheels and tire combo. Each set of wheels can be designed for comfort, sport, economy, and others, depending on what kind of 3 Series you have. Here is a list of the best tires for the BMW 3 series:

Top 7 Best Tires for BMW 3 Series Reviewed

  1. Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear – Best Overall
  2. Sport Contact 5 S.S.R. by Continental – Best Value
  3. G-Force All Season Comp-2 by BF Goodrich – Editor’s Choice
  4. WinterContact TS 850 P by Continental
  5. Premier A/S by Michelin
  6. Firehawk Indy 500 by Firestone
  7. SA07 All Season Radial Tire by Westlake

#1. Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear – Best Overall

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear

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  • Aspect Ratio: 40
  • Section width: 245 millimeters
  • Construction: Radial
  • Weight: 29.2 pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 95
  • Rim diameter: 20 inches

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear is a run-on-flat, all-season tire designed for comfort and stability fitted to passenger cars. 

The tires are designed to provide the best grip in town. According to some consumer reports, the tires are a bit noisy at cruising speed. But only a minor road noise is what you will hear.

Since it is suitable for passenger cars, comfort and safety shine best on this tire. It is well-balanced and has excellent aquaplaning test results, putting safety in one of its priorities. 

You would not expect that Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear is equipped with run-on-flat technology. This tire surprised many consumers who have run-on-flats on their cars because it lasts longer and is more comfortable than their previous run-on-flats. Your car’s manner and ability will improve on this set of tires.

Pricing is reasonable for this kind of tire, for it will surely last you more than 25 thousand miles or more if you are careful enough. It also promises surefootedness whether you are driving on snow or cruising on wet tarmac. Many consumers who use a powerful rear-wheel-drive car are happy with their purchase.

Surefooted and more, it feels lighter to drive on the roadA bit noisy compared to other tires
Capable of high mileage use before replacing itFuel consumption increase
Provides a better grip on wet roadsAverage tread wear
Steering is more responsiveA bit pricey
Quiet on roads

#2. Sport Contact 5 S.S.R. by Continental – Best Value

Sport Contact 5 S.S.R. by Continental

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  • Aspect Ratio: 35
  • Section width: 255 millimeters
  • Rim Diameter: 19 inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 91
  • Run-flat tire technology

This summer performance tire wins the top spot for being a versatile summer tire. You can drive it daily without any complaints when going to work. You can also throw your car on a track or a simple canyon carving during the weekends or after work.

Sport Contact 5 S.S.R. by Continental is suited for high performance driving on your BMW 3 Series. This tire is made from a special rubber compound named “BlackChilli,” being on the tires’ soft side. It provides excellent grip and low rolling resistance. It features a run-flat tire technology for your driving convenience.

Buying this set of tires will bring out the best performance of your BMW 3 Series. It is in the middle of the price range, exceeding the quality it offers. It will add more spice to your daily drive.

The special rubber compound used for the best soft tires in the market (sport tires)Sidewalls prone to punctures
Convenient run-flat tire technologyPoor traction on wet surfaces
Handling and grip is superbRide quality becomes stiffer
Performance-oriented tiresTread wears out a little fast
Best on hot daysExpensive run-flat tires

#3. G-Force All Season Comp-2 by BF Goodrich – Editor’s Choice

G-Force All Season Comp-2 by BF Goodrich

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  • Aspect Ratio: 40
  • Section width: 255 millimeters
  • Construction: Radial
  • Weight: 24.6 pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 92
  • Rim Diameter: 18 inches

Large and sturdy tread blocks optimize on-road contact, giving the best dry grip for your BMW. It grips rear-wheel-drive cars well. This kind of tire is usually fitted on muscle cars and high-performance rear-wheel-drive cars. G-Force All Season Comp-2 by BF Goodrich lean as a high-performance tire.

Most rear wheel-driven cars oversteer. G-Force All Season Comp-2 by BF Goodrich is equipped with Equal Tension Containment System, enhancing your car’s traction during high-speed cruising. Enhanced contact patch shape and UltiGrip technology evenly distribute rubber tensions across the tires, providing secure and grippy handling in any type of weather. 

Driving in any terrain is secured with this tire. It has Performance Tread Profile technology to reduce irregular wear due to directional tread designs. V-shaped angled grooves on both latitude and longitude for better-wet traction. These tires are set for ultimate grip during hard cornering, showcasing a bold and aggressive look.

Greater mobility during winter is standard on this tire, as it has a high-lateral void with biting on the edges. Sidewall inserts add sidewall stiffness to resist sidewall punctures, damaging your wheels. It is also designed to increase control while maintaining a stable ride during quick turns.

You will find these tires amazing from the different safety technology design it offers. These safety technologies might be hard to understand at first when we read on paper. However, you will be able to feel everything put into place once you drive down the road. These tires are up for high-speed cornering and stability.

Excellent lateral grip, good on fast straightsHas a little vibration when new or has uneven wear tread
Improve the car’s cornering abilityLimited sizes on Amazon
Tires break slowly and predictablyPoor performance on ice
Superb wet and snow tractionOn the heavy side
Aggressive tread designNoisy on the road

#4. WinterContact TS 850 P by Continental

WinterContact TS 850 P by Continental

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  • Aspect Ratio: 40
  • Section width: 225 millimeters
  • Construction: Radial
  • Weight: 20.7 pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 92
  • Rim Diameter: 18 inches

When temperatures drop to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, it is best to switch to winter tires. The rubber compound of your summer or all-season tires become harder and stiffer with this temperature. It will be hard for these tires to maintain traction and provide grip.

WinterContact TS 850 P by Continental combines good snow traction and ride comfort with European high-speed capability in mind. These tires are suited for your BMW 3 Series if your country always has winter. It offers stability and traction on dry, wet, and snow-covered roads.

The tires are designed with asymmetric tread with broad and rounded exterior shoulder blocks. This asymmetric tread design enhances dry road handling. Combined independent inboard tread blocks separated by wide circumferential grooves assure better traction on snow and wet conditions. It also features high-density sipes to provide biting edges, helping your car grip in snow or ice. 

High lateral acceleration in wet and dry conditionsLack of steering sharpness
Great for winter touringFar shipping stores
Improving fuel economyDry braking feel
Excellent rim protectionSoft sidewalls
Minimal tread wearA bit pricey

#5. Premier A/S by Michelin

Premier A/S by Michelin

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  • Aspect Ratio: 55
  • Section width: 225 millimeters
  • Construction: Radial
  • Weight: 23.3 pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 97
  • Rim Diameter: 17 inches

Premier A/S by Michelin is an all-season tire excellent for humid climates. It provides a smooth and quiet ride, enjoying your music and surroundings. Safety and comfort are the tires’ forte. Your BMW will provide utmost ride stability and grip when equipped with this.

Premier A/S by Michelin has the longest mileage before replacement, among other tire brands. It provides superb traction in wet conditions when new. Although it becomes lesser over time, its grip still performs well on wet roads.

This tire is trying to be an all-rounder by utilizing innovative technologies. Extreme silica and sunflower oil enhance the tread compound to increase traction at varying temperatures. 

Michelin equipped this tire with EverGrip Technology; offering added expanding rain grooves around the tire’s circumference. The technology also provides emerging grooves across the shoulders. These are beneficial as they open up across each shoulder block to retain traction in dry or wet winter conditions.

This tire is backed by 60 thousand miles of limited manufacturer-wear for your convenience. Another support provided is three years flat tire and 60 days of satisfaction support. You are spoiled here.

Superb traction on wet and dry conditionsRarely lasts near its suggested 60 thousand miles replacement.
Performs well and both cars and S.U.V.sGrip wears off after more than 30 thousand miles
Hydroplaning resistanceWeared off tread not good in wet conditions
Exceptional treadwearTires make a humming noise
Michelin WarrantyCan only handle light snow

#6. Firehawk Indy 500 by Firestone

Firehawk Indy 500 by Firestoner

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  • Aspect Ratio: 40
  • Section width: 225 millimeters
  • Construction: Radial
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 92
  •   Made in the U.S. A

The ultimate sport performance inspired by the company’s racing heritage, Firehawk Indy 500 by Firestone is one of your best bets for your BMW 3 Series tires. This summer performance tire features a PulseGroove water channel tread design. Aside from having an aggressive tread design, it also improves handling and braking on wet surfaces. 

Better than its predecessor, a new outer tread design can tackle corners with great confidence. Consumers who use high-performance cars are very pleased with these tires. You will have less fatigue driving your BMW 3 Series during long stints behind the wheel. Firehawk Indy 500 by Firestone provides excellent traction and superb comfort during wet and dry conditions. 

If you are the type of driver who loves mountain carving and doing canyon runs, Firehawk Indy 500 by Firestone is a good buy. These tires will be up for any unexpected challenges on the road.

Excellent grip and stopping powerTires become noisy on the rear after some time of tread wear
Long-lasting durabilityA slight increase in gas mileage
Great summer tiresNoisy on certain surfaces
Card rebates offerCompetitive pricing
Bang for the buckStiff sidewalls

#7. SA07 All Season Radial Tire by Westlake

SA07 All Season Radial Tire by Westlake

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  • Aspect Ratio: 45
  • Section width: 225 millimeters
  • Construction: Radial
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Load Index Rating: 95
  •   Made in the U.S. A

If you are in the market for tires that you will use for your daily commute to and from work, SA07 All-Season Radial Tire by Westlake is your pick. This tire is inexpensive compared to other brands. It will save you half of the amount you spend on a well-known brand or the manufactured tires for your BMW 3 Series. 

If your driving habits lean on comfort and economy, buying a set of these tires will satisfy you. According to consumer reports, the treadwear of the tires is below average, wearing out quickly. But it depends on how you use it. Besides, you would not mind if it does wear out quickly – you can replace them without hurting your pocket. SAO7 All-Season Radial Tire by Westlake is very affordable. 

Once you replace your car’s run-flat tires, you will sense how lightweight your car becomes. Driving dynamics will be better compared to the heavy run-flat tires. Many consumers are satisfied buying a set of Westlake tires due to its quality, durability, and utility versus its price. The standard rim size that will fit this tire is 18 inches. 

Solid tires for half the price of other tiresShould always be driven to avoid unwanted sidewall bubble
Best for the daily commuteLesser grip compared to other tires on wet surfaces
A very affordable set of tiresBelow normal tread wear
Can handle snow wellNot good for fast speeds
Good qualitySlight audible road noise

Run-Flat Technology – BMW 3 Series

Imagine, you are ready to leave the house for an important occasion, and suddenly, you see your car with a flat tire. Replacing them with your tools will make your hands and clothes dirty. Run-flat tires are convenient in these situations, especially when driving through dim-lit countryside roads where stopping is unsafe. 

Run-flat tires are equipped on recent BMW 3 Series models, except on M3 Sport models. The advanced technology it offers can make you satisfied or not, depending on your preference.

Run-flat tires lean on your car’s comfort and safety. It offers stability during a high-speed blowout. It also refrains you from changing your tires during unwanted and dangerous situations. 

Self-supporting tires are the common type of run-flat technology today. Your tire’s sidewalls are heavily reinforced to support the vehicle’s weight when your tires are flat. It is the reason why it has a harsher ride compared to normal tires.

Offers more or less 100 miles of driving with a flat tireHeavier than a normal set of tires
Does not explode on high-speed puncturesExpensive to keep and maintain
The car does not need a spare wheelIncreased road cabin noise
Gives a car more stabilityHarsh ride


Advanced technology for run-flats is the self-sealing tires. It operates by having a layer of sealant inside the tire when punctured. If you drive into a nail not larger than 5 millimeters, the sealant will fill the puncture once the nail is removed. You will feel like a secret agent or something.

Self-sealing tires resemble normal tires. You have the option to buy them with standard tires. The only downside to these tires is they are hard to come by, making it expensive. Manufacturers have limited availability to it, so it might not be the right fit for your tires.

Most BMW 3 Series owners prefer purchasing the normal tires due to its frequent wear. Besides, M3 Sports are not equipped with run-flats, so why would you have one if you are into high-performance driving.

Top Pick – Overall Best Tires for BMW 3 Series

You may want to look for a balance between performance and comfort when getting the best tires for your BMW 3 SeriesThe Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear is your best pick, making it one of the best tires for BMW 3 Series.

The tires are set for maximum durability even if you drive hard occasionally on these tires. Consumers reported a minimum of 18 thousand miles before replacing it. 

This type of tire can be bought as all-season or performance tires. You may want to pick the all-season tires if you want thicker tires that will last longer. It also provides better traction on snow and heavy downpour.

Convenience is also put into the tires. It is equipped with run-on-flat technology like your previous tires on your BMW 3 Series. But this time, your car will not feel heavy.

Replacing your previous tires with Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear will improve your car’s comfort and stability. Many consumers emphasize how their BMWs hug the road, and the traction vastly improved. 

Goodyear has been a tire manufacturer for the longest time. There is no doubt for you not to choose their tires. It will give you a high-quality ride on your European-built car.


BMW 3 Series is designed with sport in mind. It will be such a waste if you do not drive it like how it is engineered. It is set between having a sport-tuned suspension and a comfortable ride, giving you the best of both worlds.

Your tires should meet your demands on how you drive, not the other way around. Your tires should bring added traction and safety during emergencies. You may not be put in emergencies every day, but knowing that your tires are your safest bet will give you peace of mind. When the time comes, your tires will handle it without a sweat.

Safety should be prioritized, especially on your BMW 3 Series. Its rear-wheel-drive setup is not suitable for snowy conditions. Your car will oversteer if you will not be able to control and correct it right away. Driving at a slower pace until you hone your driving skill is a safe practice.

The best tires for your BMW 3 Series will be the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 by Goodyear. Sticking to run-on-flats is never this good. It might even surprise you on how your car behaves after putting them.

Nevertheless, buying tires for your car depends on how you are using it. You may want to put sports performance behind and replace it with maximum comfort, vice versa.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between a run-on-flat and regular tires?

Run-flat tires can support a vehicle’s weight for a short time, about 100 miles of range to stop and replace the tires. The tire’s sidewalls are heavily reinforced to support the vehicle when the tire pressure is running low. It provides better stability after a blowout compared to normal ones.

One of the tradeoffs in run-flat tires is harsher ride quality due to its stiff sidewalls. It also has more tread wear than regular tires. They are also costly in the long run – more expensive to replace than regular tires.

Can you put regular tires on your BMW 3 Series?

Some BMW car owners prefer to ditch their run-on-flats due to their poor experience from it. Putting regular tires on your BMW 3 Series is fine, as long as you stick to the brand’s recommended tire size. Many 3 Series owners are more satisfied with their handling and comfort after switching to the regular tires.

Some 3 Series owners stick to run-on-flat tires but use different brands.  The convenience it offers when your tires get flat cannot be beaten.

How do you take care of your tires?

Getting your tires aligned before driving down the road is a good idea. Tire alignment prevents uneven tread wear. Uneven tread wear means uneven traction during slippery situations. Also, putting the right tire pressure required from the tire manufacturer, not the car itself, prevents uneven wear. 

Driving it every day or every other day will keep your tires in good shape. Driving slow over potholes and rough roads will not only protect your tires from bubbles on the sidewall but will also protect your wheels from scratches.

These practices will make your tires last longer, exceeding the normal mileage due to replacement.

For how long will your set of tires last?

If your tires are well taken care of, it will last for a good 30 thousand miles or more. Having a BMW 3 Series will give you around 18 to 30 thousand miles, depending on how you drive. Run-on-flats do not last long compared to normal tires. Exceeding 20 thousand miles on run-on-flats is kind of dangerous. Have your tires check if it needed replacement. 

Your car’s treadwear will also depend on how heavy your right foot is. Rotating them from time to time will bring out the longest mileage for your car before replacement.

What kind of tires should you get?

The tires you should get for your BMW 3 Series depends on the road you tackle. Does the majority of your commute involve snow, rain, gravel, or normal roads? If it covers the majority of the road conditions, purchasing a set of all-season tires is recommended. It is the most practical tire you may buy. 

If your car serves as a weekend warrior, driving it on track days, a set of high-performance tires is your best bet. If you live in California or a region where it occasionally rains, purchasing a set of summer tires are fine.

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