Top 8 Best Tire Tubes | 2020 Reviews (Continental)

Whether you hit the mountain bike trails or the daily commute to work with your bicycles, it is a rare occasion that you think of your tires until you get a flat tire. Flat tires are trouble, inconvenient, irritating—it just ruins your whole mood. That is why inner tubes are important. Tire tubes are the air-cushion in your tires for a more comfortable and safe ride. Plus, tire tubes prevent air leakage and allow your wheels to support heavier loads.  A renowned cyclist, Sheldon Brown, described tire tubes as “doughnut-shaped rubber balloon,” which deflate and inflate through an attached valve.

What’s more? Tire tubes add up to your safety. Flat tires can be dangerous, and this is why you should consider having tire tubes. These are design elements that prevent punctures, retain proper air pressure to keep your rides uninterrupted.

Perhaps you have a flat tire or a cyclist who wants a spare tube just to be prepared, and this list will help you. Here are the best eight tire tubes in the market for a better, continuous ride day.

Top 8 Best Tire Tubes Reviewed

  1. Continental Presta Valve Tire Tube – Best Overall
  2. Kenda Road Bicycle Tire Tube – Best Value
  3. Slime 30045 Self-Sealing Smart Tube – Editor’s Choice
  4. Bell Universal Inner Tube
  5. Michelin Airstop PRESTA Valve Bicycle Tube
  6. Sunlite Street Fit 360 Bike Tube
  7. Schwinn Replacement Bike Inner Tube
  8. Schwalbe SV17 Bicycle Tube with Presta Valve

#1. Continental Presta Valve Tire Tube – Best Overall

Continental Bicycle Tubes Race 28 700x20-25 S42 Presta Valve 42mm Bike Tube Super Value Bundle (Pack of 5 Conti tubes & 2 Conti tire lever)

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Key Features: 

  • UNITUBE System 
  • Removable valve cores
  • Pack of five Conti tubes


  • Uses 42 mm Presto valve
  • 105 grams
  • Compatible with all 700c road bikes
  • Seamless construction

Let us start the list with extravagance, generosity, and top-notch quality of tire tubes. Being the fourth largest tire producer in the industry, Continental deserves to be our top one. 

You will be offered five Conti tubes with tire levers at a very irresistible price in this deal. It boasts a UNITUBE system that allows compatibility with various tire sizes. It is compatible with all 700C bike wheels, fits several tire sizes, up to 25 mm.

Plus, this inner tube has a removable valve core feature and uses a 42 mm Presto valve. Thanks to this feature, you can add extenders or sealant for added durability. It has a seamless construction with molded-cured vulcanization for a smooth ride and handling and reduces splitting risks.  

Overall, this is a premium tire tube that will last longer than other inner tubes in the market. Not to mention that in this deal, you will be given five tubes— more in reserve!

Great for everyday use and harshest conditionsSome customers find the valve cores weak
The brand offers a wide range of tire sizes
The inner tube has removable valve cores
First-rated durability and performance 
Long-lasting than budget inner tubes
Tubes fit with numerous tire widths
Extra toughness and durability
Seamless construction 

#2. Kenda Road Bicycle Tire Tube – Best Value

KENDA Road Bicycle Tube - 700 x 23/25 - Presta Valve

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Key Features: 

  • 87 mm wall thickness
  • Molded tubes
  • Smooth valve


  • Size: 700 x 28/35c
  • Tire Size: 26 inches
  • Tire Width: 1.0-1.25 inches
  • Tube Material: Butyl
  • Valve Type: 48mm Threaded Presta Valve

Kenda bike tubes are one of the most popular among bike rider enthusiasts. This have proven their products have top-notch quality and has gained trusts of hundreds of customers, including us. 

The Kenda Road Bicycle Tube is one of the newest addition in their collection, and just like their previous products, this does not disappoint.  

The tire tube is perfect for your Presta valves, featuring a smooth valve and wall not greater than 87 mm. It has molded containers for increased quality and lifespan. 

Kenda is all about durability, and it shows with every product in their collection. This Road Bicycle Tube is made from a butyl rubber material, utilizing the air pump easier. The tire tube is light in weight with the ability to hold a high volume of air. This tire tube by Kenda is also available with a Schrader valve. 

However, with its thin walls, you have to be extra careful when deflating, inflating, or installing the tire tubes.

Comes with Presta valve; compatible with most road bike pumpsValve cores are not removable for adding sealant
Smooth valve for easier air pumping Thin walls 
Available in various valves
Has a wide range of sizes
Budget-friendly price 

#3. Slime 30045 Self-Sealing Smart Tube – Editor’s Choice

Slime 30059 Self-Sealing Smart Tube, Schrader Valve (26 x 1.75-2.125')

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Key Features: 

  • FibroSeal Technology 
  • Instantly and repeatedly seals tire punctures
  • Non-toxic;
  • Cleans up with water


  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Fits tire sizes: 26” x 1.75–2.125”
  • Valve type: Schrader
  • Pre-installed with Slime sealant

Whether you’re riding as a profession, mode of commuting, or just for leisure, tire punctures will always get on your way. It is a part of your life as a rider. Good thing that the Slime 30059 Self-Sealing Smart Tube is here. 

It is designed for small puncture issues by instantly and repeatedly sealing all punctures. ‘Smart’ tubes offer unique functionality among various tire tubes. And yes, this Slime Tire Tube is one of them. It has self-healing inner sealants that fill punctures immediately to retain proper air pressure and keep your rides uninterrupted. 

It is made from non-toxic and non-corrosive elements. Hence, it can be clean up with water and moisture without any complications. 

It also features FibroSeal Technology, which is a distinct technology exclusive from the Slime family. The feature is responsible for the self-healing instant seal of all punctures. They even claimed that with their product, you would be flat-tire-free for two years!  

However, if you had serious damage done, this tire tube will not be suitable. 

Reduces frequent patching when driving Some minor leaks of sealant 
Uninterrupted and smooth ride Kind of pricey 
Instantly seals small punctures 
Durable protection of slime 
Perfect for a daily bike ride

#4. Bell Universal Inner Tube

Bell Standard and Self Sealing Bike Tubes

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Key Features:

  • Mold cured rubber
  • Self-sealing bike inner tube
  • Great for Cruiser and Mountain bike tires


  • Tube weight:  140g
  • Valve type: Schrader
  • Length: 35mm with cap
  • Fits tires with a width range 1.75″ –  2.25.” 

For a quick and easy installing of a tire tube, the Bell Universal Tube is your way to go. While it will take you minutes to install, the tire tube will last for months and years as long as there will no serious damages. 

It has a version with a self-healing feature, thanks to the sealants integrated within the tube that seals most holes up to 1/8″. The tube weighs 140 grams and is considered to be lightweight. It will not add any weight to your ride.

Bell Universal Tube has a molded cured rubber construction that retains proper sidewall pressure, avoiding air blows. It uses a standard valve, often known as Schrader, the most common valve type for bicycles.

This short tire tube can also be used for car tires and other inflatables. The fact that the product insists “Universal,” the tire tube is a perfect addition in your garage for quick replacements and repairs.

Great for kid bicycles, mountain bikes, and cruiser bikesSome riders are not satisfied with the built quality  
Affordable price considering its quality Needs to replace promptly if there is a small leak
Has self-sealing bike tubes versionNot punctured-proof
The tube comes in various sizes
Has a sturdy Schrader valve
Can fit most tires

#5. Michelin Airstop PRESTA Valve Bicycle Tube

Michelin A1 Airstop Road Presta Valve Inner Tube, 700 x 18-25cm, Black

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Key Features: 

  • Puncture resistant tube
  • Butyl rubber construction
  • 54 mm smooth Presta valve


  • Fits tires 700c x 18-25c wide
  • Weight: 98 grams
  • Skyscape metal valve caps

Michelin has been all over the industry, and it is not surprising why. They let their products do the talking, boasts excellent service and highly innovative products. One of the newest additions in their top-notch products is the Michelin Airstop PRESTA Valve Bicycle Tube. 

The Michelin Airstop PRESTA Valve Bicycle Tube is exactly what they are advertised—a puncture-resistant tire tube. As they are always true to their words, the tube does hold up even on sharp rocks or in the road’s most damaging surfaces.  

The tire tubes have been constructed with butyl rubber, delivering excellent durability and increased strength. It features a highly puncture-resistant, great even on harshest conditions.

It has a smooth 54 mm Presta valve or premium performance on retaining air pressure and keep your tires plump and fill, ready for a 500-mile ride. Flat tires error found with the Michelin Airstop PRESTA Valve Bicycle Tube. 

Butyl construction for increased strength Some customers complain about minor air leaks
Easy to install, deflate, and inflate 
Fits to 700c x 18-25c wide tires 
More resistance to punctures 
Can handle harshest terrains 
Sold, non-removable core.
Sturdy and durable 

#6. Sunlite Street Fit 360 Bike Tube

Street Fit 360 Tube - 29

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Key Features: 

  • Two 48mm Schrader valve included
  • Also available with Presta valve
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Replacement inner tube for other bike with the same tire size


  • 29″ x 2.10 (700 x 50-52c)
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Replaceable tube for mountain biker and cruiser 
  • Compatible with 48 mm Presta or Schrader valve

Sunlite is also one of the leading brands in the industry. Regardless of whether you are opting for a Presta of Schrader tubes, Sunlite got you covered. 

Introducing the Sunlite Street Fit Tube with 360 systems, delivering increase overall performance of your tires. It is suitable in both Presta and Schrader valves. Thus, finding compatibility with this tire tube will not be a problem. 

The tubes are also easy to install, deflate, and inflate, thanks to its convenient construction. Many customers patronized the product for a strong, durable, and long-lasting tire tube. 

In this deal, you will be offered two packs of tire tubes, meaning you will always have a spare when you need it. It interestingly fits standard 700c road rims and most tire widths. Plus, it has a removable core, perfect for adding sealants for increased strength and durability.  

Great replacement tube for mountain and cruiser bikesRemovable cores can pop off when working with inner tube
Good performance compared to other budget options Requires the same size for perfect fitting
Available and fits both Presta and Schrader valve Thin walls
Two Schrader 48 mm inner tubes
A spare inner tube is included
Best budget pair of tire tubes
Easy to inflate and deflate 

#7. Schwinn Replacement Bike Inner Tube

Schwinn Replacement Bike Inner Tube, Traditional and Self-Sealing

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Key Features: 

  • Self-sealing gel 
  • Butyl rubber material
  • Available in multiple sizes 


  • Fits most 12.5-inch bike tires
  • Tube dimensions: 12.5 inches  x  2.25 inches
  • Equipped with standard Schrader valve

Schwinn will let you ride as smooth and uninterrupted like a swim. It has a self-sealing ability, which immediately patches things up, letting you ride with no interruptions. You will no longer have to stop mid-trail for any repairs or replacements. 

Small issues are handled well and quick with this tire tubes. However, do not expect the same performance for greater ones. 

Awesomely enough, the tube is available in various sizes, meaning you can choose according to your bike. It has a built-in standard Schrader valve. Thus, it is compatible with all the mountain wheels. Great!

Moreover, it has a high-quality built, delivering a long-lasting top-notch performance and service. The Schwinn Replacement Bike Inner Tube is perfect for riders looking for a tire tube to help them have an uninterrupted dun ride. 

Mold curd, maintaining round shape and alignment of tubesA little pricey compared to similar quality and brands
The reinforced valve prevents tearing and air leakageMinor air leaks from valve junction
Constructed using butyl rubber; hence, it is durable 
Easy to install; simple and quick to deal with 
Self-sealing for a continuous ride

#8. Schwalbe SV17 Bicycle Tube with Presta Valve

Schwalbe SV17 Bicycle Tube with Presta Valve 37-622 mm 28 x 1 3/8 x 1 5/8, 28 x 1.40 700C

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Key Features: 

  • Excellent air retention 
  • Even wall thickness


  • Fits for most 700c wheels
  • Valve Type: 40mm Presta
  • High-quality butyl rubber
  • Metal valve caps 
  • Versatile width; safely expands

Last in today’s list but is definitely not the least when it comes to performance and quality. The Schwalbe SV17 Bicycle Tube with Presta Valve is one of your best affordable options but still good in quality tire tubes.  

Schwalbe brilliantly engineered the tubes, resulting in a great tire tube product. They insert the tube into a mold and inflate them to ensure constant thickness and excellent air pressure retention.  

Products by Schwalbe are manufactured thoughtfully and critically to ensure every product is high in quality. They inflate and store the tire tubes for 24 hours to ensure the tubes’ capability to hold constant air pressure.  

The tubes also have strong resistance against punctures, great for various terrains. With the Schwalbe Tire Tube, cast your anxieties away because flat tires will not get in your way with the Schwalbe SV17 Bicycle Tube with Presta Valve. 

Can fit over ten tire sizes (as listed on the box of the product)Some shipment complications, as declared by previous customers
Skyscape metal valves retain an amount of air pressure Not as durable compared to the prior products in the list 
Even wall thickness for constant alignment of tire tube Some customers had installation complications
Strong resistance against punctures 
Great for riding in diverse terrain 
Built with durable butyl rubber 
Excellent air retention 


Top-Pick for the Best Tire Tube 2020: Continental Presta Valve Tire Tube

Firstly, Continental has been providing top-notch quality of tire tubes over the past years. The brand is the fourth largest tire producer company in the industry. Hence, it is no surprise that it is in this list’s spotlight.

The Continental Presta Valve Tire Tube is your best option for tire tubes. Not only with its durability, but the tire tube also has exceptional functionality and is very versatile.  

It boasts a UNITUBE system that allows compatibility with various tire sizes. It is compatible with all 700C bike wheels, fits several tire sizes, up to 25 mm.

It uses a 48 mm Presta valve and has a removable valve core feature, allowing you to add sealant for increased durability and extra tire puncture resistance. 

Either opt for a high-quality, top-notch level performing, and durable tire tube that will last you for a long time;  or go for a cheap, tricky, and meh tire tubes that will most likely cost you more because you will replace it in no time. You choose.

Most Reliable Brands for the Best Tire Tubes 2020

Brands are one of the first things you will look at while shopping for the best tire. Well, we cannot blame you, especially with these brands. 

  • Continental 
  • Slime
  • Bell Sports 
  • Kenda 
  • Sunlite 
  • Ibely 
  • Michelin 
  • Schwinn 
  • Schwalbe
  • Venzo

These brands have won hundreds of hearts and proved their brand with their top-notch products. They have earned excellent reputable ratings from hundreds of customers. Consider keeping in mind these brands for ensured quality for your tire tubes. They will not disappoint.

Buyer’s Guide When Shopping for the Best Tire Tubes 

Tire Tubes are not a priority to some. Having a tire tube will just suddenly be important when a flat tire is on the route. And during the search, it can be quite overwhelming and frustrating. This usually leads to buying the wrong kind of tube and will just be a waste. We don’t want that here.

Let’s discuss this in the most straightforward way as possible. Might as well takedown notes, it may come handy.  

Tire Size/ Tube Size

What do you do? Do you ride to commute, leisure, or ride as your profession? How you use your wheels has a big impact on which type of tube you should go for. A bike used for daily commutes usually has wider wheels and smaller diameter; hence, your tire tube should fit our tires. Your tire size has a corresponding tube size.

You need to pay attention to the width of your tires. Different types of bikes come with different sizes of tires. Hence, your inner tire tubes should perfectly fit with your tires.  


There are two valves for tire tubes: Schrader and Presta. You will need to check the tire tube’s valve and make sure that it is the right one to go with your tire. Schrader is the standard valve, while Presta is more of a premium valve. Presta valve is compatible with most road bike pumps. An obvious feature that differs from the two is: Presta has longer body ends while Schrader has a flat top. 

Added features

Here is where tire tubes step up their game. Although most tire tubes do accomplish a tire tube’s goal, it is still better to have the best, and it will show on the product’s additional feature. For example, the tire tube has a self-sealing ability, meaning you will have an uninterrupted ride because it instantly patches small holes if needed. Or the tire tube is compatible with various sizes; that feature is a good one too. Make sure to get the most of the product and go for the ones that will offer maximum performance. Plus, you will also judge the tire tube’s durability with this feature. Check its construction material and technologies if there are any.

We hope to see you smiling while riding with your newly purchased best tire tube with this basic and precise guide.  


A flat tire is never a good idea. Just the thought of it is already frustrating and ruins the whole enthusiastic, sunny, all-smile riding day. Or just when you’re about to speed the ride, you will be interrupted with punctures and will have to stop for repair or replacement. 

Good thing, tire tubes are to help. It is the best investment a rider can make. A flat tire is not just annoying; they are dangerous as well. Therefore, you can consider our top contender, Continental Presta Valve Tire Tube, for your new tire tubes. It is durable, strong, and long-lasting. Your bike ride will not be interrupted, and it will be safe, free from flat tire incidents.

We have listed seven more above if you want to explore more. All will deliver great performance and quality. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

How to prevent my road bike tube from going flat?

The best way to do this is to maintain proper tire pressure. Plus, always know your terrain beforehand. If you are most likely to encounter harsh debris, adding a tire liner or tube sealant will help. 

What is the easiest way to install tire tubes?

The easiest way would partially inflate your new tube, just enough to contour its shape on your tire—still flexible and can be aligned easily. Ensure the valve is not bent or crimped while gently pushing and aligning the tube into the bike tire. Fit the tube while threading the valve through the hole of the rim. Once secure, fully inflate the tube to a proper pressure level.

Are tire tubes necessary?

Tires and tubes are a pair. Tire tubes are an essential part of your vehicle. It prevents air leakage, reduces rolling resistance, and allows you to support heavier loads. Plus, this will help you have that uninterrupted ride, reducing potential flat tires that need repairs and replacement. 

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