Top 10 Best Tire Markers | 2020 Reviews (Tire Ink)

Picking the best tire marker can be overwhelming. Especially if there are many choices in the selection, knowing which among the many choices is worth buying is tricky. We are here to help.

Tire markers are often used to mark tires for DIY graffiti, tire lettering, or simply customizing your tires permanently. It can also mark your tire puncture site or just as when repairing whitewall tires and tightening tire letterings. 

Useful is a tire marker that can withstand any weather conditions and stays in the lines, holding up under scrutiny.  It should also be visible even on farther site and performs clear and quality marks.

Here are the top ten best tire markers in the market; they are all extremely functional and will suit any budget. 

Top 10 Best Tire Markers Reviewed

  1. BEMLP Waterproof Metallic Tire Pen – Best Overall
  2. Tire Ink Paint Pen for Car Tires – Best Value
  3. CHUIR 3x Pack Tire Paint Pen – Editor’s Choice
  4. Auto Writer Car Paint Marker Pens 
  5. Markal Tyre Marque Tire Making Crayon 
  6. Technicians Choice White Tire Making Crayon 
  7. SIPA 2x Universal Waterproof Permanent Tire Marker 
  8. Steelman 00062 Yellow Tire Marking Crayons
  9. White Tire Marker and Black Correction Pen Set 
  10. Touchup Paint Tire Ink Marker White and Black Correction Pen 


#1. BEMLP Waterproof Metallic Tire Pen – Best Overall

Waterproof metallic paint marker pens with fluorescence colors tire black paint ceramic markers for glass fabric highlighters Tire pen

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  • 12 available colors 
  • 8.9 ounces
  • Pen Size: 14.5 cm
  • Nib: 2.2-2.8 mm

Making the BEMLP Waterproof Metallic Tire Pen in the spotlight is its feature of being suitable for all kinds of tires. It can be used on any surface; wood, rubber, metal, et cetera. Therefore, it is delightfully suitable for your tire marking, whether for graffiti, lettering, or repair. 

To make it even better, it is wonderfully engineered as a water-resistant and fade-resistant marker. You don’t have to worry about rains or water washing out the marks as it will stay true to its color in any condition.

Its valve-action allows the paint to be free-flowing. Therefore, you can write on almost any porous or non-porous surfaces effortlessly. 

It is available in 12 other colors: black, white, yellow, orange, green, blue, to name a few. Hence, with a wide variety of colors, customizing your tires is easy, like making a tea.

With its précised fine point, marking on hard-to-mark surfaces is not a problem. BEMLP Waterproof Metallic Tire Pen expands capabilities on multiple projects uses.

Non-toxic alcohol-based ink formulaPen inks tends to leak 
Fine and précised point 
Many color options 
Permanent ink 

#2. Tire Ink Paint Pen for Car Tires – Best Value

Tire Ink | Paint Pen for Car Tires | Permanent and Waterproof | Carwash Safe (White, 1 Pen)

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  • 8 available colors
  • 2 sided reversible tip: large and fine tip  
  • 6 ml 
  • Pen size: 10 x 3 inches
  • Nib size: 0.5 mm

Second entry for a much affordable but still good in quality tire marker, here is the Tire Ink Paint Pen for Car Tires.  The pen marker will last you for around a year, gives or takes, with its 6 milliliter ink weight.

This marker’s interesting features are its two-sided reversible tip design—a fine and larger side. Tire ink paint pens are the easy way to turn your vehicle into a racer look, without being messy and costing more.

Ink marks last several weeks when the tire is properly prepped, making the marker not permanent. A temporary tire marker allows you to change or alter letterings and graffiti whenever you please. Also, perfect for repairing tire whitewalls; erasing the mark will not be a problem.

The tire marker comes in eight different colors, including white, blue, green, yellow, and red, to name a few. Hence, with a wide variety of colors, you will have more chances to showcase your creative self.

They are washer and car wash safe, so no need to worry about keeping your tires clean and still retaining your vivid colors.

Reversible tips: larger and finer tipsWill require you three layer of coats to last longer 
Perfect for tightening letterings Not best for custom designs 
Lasts for a reasonable timeCan fade after some time
Available 8 diverse colors
Affordable price

#3. CHUIR 3x Pack Tire Paint Pen – Editor’s Choice

CHUIR 3 Pack Tire Paint Pen Marker Lettering Permanent Waterproof Ink for Car Vehicle Motorcycle Tyre (White)

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  • 2.39 ounces
  • 8 different available colors
  • 3 pens per pack 
  • Pen size: 14.5 cm
  • Diameter: 1.5 cm

With just under $10 you will have three excellent performing tire markers. Here is the CHUIR Tire Paint Pen Marker, giving you a permanent waterproof ink for your tire marking needs. 

It is designed to prevent any ink leakage, allowing you to use most of your markers’ ink. The tip is dry, so make sure to shake well before using and repeatedly press the tip to make the ink flow out.

This is a permanent, water-proof, anti-fading ink, and non-toxic tire markers. Therefore, you can write on almost any porous or non-porous surface without worrying fading. It will stay true to its color for a very long time.

With just one pen, you can cover all tires effortlessly, and you will still have two pens in reserve.

Water-proof, hence, it is permanentNeeds several coats to have very visible color 
Oil-based making it fade-resistantAt times, paint distribution is not consistent 
Includes three pens per pack
Properly sealed 

#4. Auto Writer Car Paint Marker Pens

Car Paint Marker Pens Auto Writer White - All Surfaces, Windows, Glass, Tire, Metal

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  • 9 different colors available
  • 0.95 ounces
  • Sizes: narrow, wide
  • Washable 

The Auto Writer Car Paint Marker is specially made to write on car surfaces including your tires, and all non-porous surfaces. 

Unleash the artist in you with this marker that comes in nine different color options, including white, yellow, blue, black, and green, to name just a few.

It is incredibly non-toxic, having no chemicals, making it safe to use for kids.

Furthermore, this is a water-resistant car paint marker. But we understand your diverse and versatile creativeness; hence, you can use a wet towel to remove the marks effortlessly. 

You also have the option of buying either a narrow or wide marker or both. 

Works on all type of tires, including Mudd tiresSome customer find it hard to erase the inks 
Not messy to use with précised point Pen tips sometimes come off 
Water-based, hence, it is washable 
Wet erase, removable markers
Lasts for a long time 
Still water-resistant

#5. Markal Tyre Marque Tire Making Crayon

Markal Tyre Marque Tire Marking Crayon for Temporary Tire Marking

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  • Pack of 12 tire marking crayons 
  • Pen size: 8 inches
  • Diameter: ½ inches
  • 2 different colors available

Ideal for temporary marking in many surfaces including rubber and tires, the Markal Tyre Marque Tire Making Crayons are your good quality tire marking at a meager price. 

These marking crayons come in a pack of 12 crayons in less than $10. Sounds good? It can cover all your tires while not compromising quality. It is charmingly visible and bold on tires and rubbers. 

And if you’re in a rush or yes, just excited, these markers perform amazingly well even on wet, cold, rough, or dirty surfaces.

It is extremely easy to write on rims and tread and is bold enough to maintain visibility even on farther sight. Markings stay good enough and will not just smear away. 

Perfect for tire repair and treading, the crayons can wipe away easily. The marking range is around 20°F to 130°F.

Marks easily even on wet, dirt, or cold surfaces Crayons will melt easily on hotter states
Markings can be easily removed A little too hard 
Ideal for temporary markings
Marks can be painted over 
Very pigmented

#6. Technicians Choice White Tire Making Crayon

Technicians Choice White Tire Marking Crayon (12 per Box)

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  • 12 crayons per box
  • 7.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 2.4 x 1.8 inches
  • Color white tire marker crayons

Wet or dry, the Technicians Choice White Tire Marking Crayon will exceptionally do its work without any complains. Plus, these crayons are extremely versatile; you can use them on various surfaces like tires and rubbers. 

It is car wash safe, so you can keep your tire’s aesthetics while still maintaining cleanliness. Also, like most traditional tire markers, these are zinc-free, as well as lead-free. 

Furthermore, you will be offered 12 pieces of crayons per box in only one color, which is white. These tire markers work well even on dirty tires and are charmingly visible.

Comes in 12 pieces if crayons per boxSometimes needs some several coats
Performs well on tires and rubbersNot for permanent markings
No problem writing on dirty tires
Bright, bold, and vivid
Great visibility

#7. SIPA 2x Universal Waterproof Permanent Tire Marker

2× Universal Waterproof Permanent Paint Marker Pen Car Tyre Tire Tread Rubber Metal (White)

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  • 11 different colors available 
  • 2 pens per pack 
  • Waterproof
  • Oil-based

These tire markers are your much awaited tire markers perfect for your creative juices. It comes in many color variants, 11 in total, including white, black, yellow, gold, and silver, just to name a few. 

They are all incredibly versatile and write well on various surfaces like rubber, metal, wood, glass, and of course, your tires.

Also, in this deal, you will receive two pens per pack in the color you prefer. The tire markers are water-proof, high-quality, and are extremely comfortable to use. 

These are permanent, so you would not have to worry about fades or smears. 

Water-proof; does not fadeInks runs out easily 
Gives two pens per pack 
Fast-dry after writing 
Many color variants 
Metal body pen

#8. Steelman 00062 Yellow Tire Marking Crayons

Steelman Yellow Tire Marking Crayons for Mechanics, Mark Tire Damage, Box of 12

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  • 7.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 3.5 x 1 inches
  • 12 crayons per pack

In this deal, you will be offered with 12 yellow marking crayons. They are your best option for a best value tire markers, giving you a good quality and quantity of products at a very irresistible price. 

The crayons give multi-use features; ideal for a wide range of uses, including tire damage repair and tire marking.

To maximize usage, the crayons are interestingly versatile and flexible, lets you write on various surfaces. It can write well even on wet, cold, dry, smooth, or course surfaces, and on an array of materials including rubber, metal, glass, and wood.

These are semi-permanent, making them a long-lasting marker, fade-resistant, and will withstand seasonal changes. However, they are easily rubbed away. 

Also, the crayons do not contain zinc or lead, making them easy and safe to use.


Excellent use for wet, dry, smooth, and coarse surfaceCan easily rubbed away 
Semi-permanent; long-lasting Not permanent
Very easy to clean 
Affordable price

#9. White Tire Marker and Black Correction Pen Set

White tire marker and black Correction pen set Universal Waterproof Permanent oil based Paint Markers Car Tyre Tire Tread Rubber

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  • Metal tip 
  • 4.8 ounces 
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 4 x 0.9 inches

The wet or dry surface does not matter with this tire markers. The deal offers one piece of tire marker in one color, which is white. Plus, you will be given another two pieces, and, yes, they are also white. 

The marker gives an outstanding bright color, ensured smear-resistant and water-proof. It is suitable for all types of tires and is very comfortable to use.

It is interestingly quick-drying, enough to mess up your written lines. The markers are car wash safe. So, feel worry-free, and get your tire that much needed wash.

The tire marker is also zinc and leads free, giving you a safe to use markers.

Unfortunately, the instruction comes only in Chinese. Here is a summary of the instruction: First, clean the tire surface with a cleaning aid, then shake the marker well before use; Next, press the tip several times (3 to 4 times as recommended); Lastly, make sure to cover with cap tightly after use.

Remember not to shake the pen while using it because the pigment can spill.

Can withstand rough washes and rides Instruction guide is written in Chinese; not universally understandable 
Comfortable to use Needs several coats to get bright, bold colors
Dries in minutes Limited color variants 
Resists fading

#10. Touchup Paint Tire Ink Marker White and Black Correction Pen

Touchup Paint Tire Ink Marker White and black Correction pen set Universal Waterproof Permanent oil based Paint Markers Car Tyre Tire Tread Rubber

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  • Metal Tip 
  • The package includes one black correction pen.
  • 1.58 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.8 x 0.4 inches

It may come last in our list, but this marker does not disappoint. Whatever tire conditions, either wet or dry, you can use this tire ink marker effortlessly. 

Utilizing its versatility, the marker writes well on various materials, including leather, glass, iron, metal, rubber. Hence, this is a suitable ink pen for your tire marking needs. Whether for DIY tire graffiti, tire letterings, or just tire repair.

Also, worry not because the inks of this marker are interestingly water-resistant. So, get that car wash and keep your tires clean. Plus, it is also zinc-free. 

Interestingly enough, the package comes with one white tire marker and one black correction pen. Therefore, your rare mistakes can be resolved.

Furthermore, additional tips— wipe acetone to your tire’s surface before start writing. Then, you want to apply three or more coats to achieve the desired bright and bold pigment.

Ink paint does not come off easilyMay have to re-apply every 2-3 weeks
Comes with black correction pen
Long-lasting; permanent
Does not crack

Top-Pick Best Tire Marker: BEMLP Waterproof Metallic Tire Pen

The all-around, best quality, and high performing tire marker, here is BEMLP Waterproof Metallic Tire Pen as our winner contender for the best tire marker. 

The tire paint marker is suitable for all kinds of tires. Versatility at its finest, the marker can be used on various surfaces, including plastic, stone, metal, and rubbers.  Hence, they are perfect for your tire graffiti, lettering, or tire repairing.

It tops among the entire tire marker in the list because of its versatility and its functionality. It is extremely water-proof and fade-resistant.

The valve-action is interesting to let the paint be free-flowing. Thus, writings are smooth and easy. You can write on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

With their précised fine point, the marker can withstand rough abuse, and marking on hard-to-mark surfaces is not a problem. Plus, it is available in 12 colors and is awesomely bright and vivid.

Best and Most Reliable Brands for Tire Markers 2020

Many brands offer markers claiming that their products are the best for tire marking but which are reliable?

Here are the top ten brands that offer excellent quality and high-performing tire markers in the market. 

  • Auto Writer 
  • Tire Ink 
  • Technicians Choice 
  • CHUIR 
  • Sharpie
  • Steelman
  • Markal 
  • Type S
  • SIPA

Knowing the best and most reliable brands will do you good, giving you more guaranteed tire markers.  Keep the mentioned brands in mind while shopping for your best tire markers.

Things to Consider When Buying Tire Markers – Buyer’s Guide 2020

The features you want to consider when purchasing tire markers are simple but very important. Deciding which to buy will not be that difficult when you know what to look for. Here are the essential things you would want to consider while shopping for tire markers. 


Tire markers come in either permanent or temporary inks. Make sure to check first and avoid being disappointed. If you are using tore markers for tire repairing, you would want to opt for temporary pens. But if your goal is to achieve that ‘racer’ car look and want to spice your tire aesthetic, permanent tire markers are for you. This is to get the most of the experience and have a long-lasting ink. 

Resistant capabilities

Your tires go through many conditions. Just as how your tires can withstand waters, rough washes, and conditions, the tire ink markers should too. Most especially, it should be car-wash safe. You would not want to compromise your tire’s cleanliness just to keep the inks. Further, check if it is also fade-resistant and smear-resistant.


Before purchasing, it is best to know which colors you are going to. If you want more simple looking tires or want a tire marker for repairing, the color white is your way to go. This color is easy to find; you can check our listed products above to know more. But if you are in a dilemma and want to have variants, tire crayon markers and paint pens usually offer ten o more color selections.


You also want to confirm if the ink will write well on various surfaces and materials. Check its writing ability on a wet or dry surface, as well as rough, dirty, or coarse surfaces. Also, its ability to write on various materials like rubbers or metals. Hence, letting you use the pen on tires. 

You would want to keep in mind the major features while purchasing to have the best and most suitable tire marker for your needs. Remember to purchase only with guaranteed, verified, and reliable brands.


When shopping for a new set of tire markers, you will be welcomed with hundreds of hundreds of choices. This can be overwhelming. But by this time, we are glad to see you have a tire marker in mind.

If you want to have tire pens that will withstand any conditions, you can opt for our top-pick, the BEMLP Waterproof Metallic Tire Pen. The pen writes excellently on any surfaces, either wet or dry, and various materials. Also, it comes in 12 other colors; hence, you will have more color variants to select from. 

But if you have a specific preference, you can try something like the Markal Tyre Marque Tire Making Crayon, which comes in 12 crayons per pack, in one color you prefer. They offer two color options: white and yellow. 

We provided ten best tire markers in our list, enough to narrow your selection with only the best options. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to purchase the best tire markers?

Various online shops sell tire markers. We recommend purchasing from verified and guaranteed stores like Amazon. Plus, you can read customer reviews to verify the product’s performance.

How long does tire markers last?

The tire marker’s lasts vary from pen to pen. It depends on how the markers are engineered. But usually, tire crayons fades easily than markers. Also, crayons are easier to remove and are most likely temporary but will still last for a long time, just needs a retouch from time to time.

How to remove tire marker inks?

Heavy-duty solvents and cleaning materials, these are your go-to cleaning materials. But it still varies with your tire marker elements. If the pen is latex, oil, or water-base, you can remove it easily. But there are tire markers that are extremely water-resistant and car-wash safe, which will require a stronger solution.

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